Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monica’s Thoughts

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    Your globe is mounted upside-down.


  2. Yeah. Fist Stvr at your own risk. You may lose an arm.

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  4. So dumb, it’s on the bottom, ever see a globe or map, nimbo.

  5. A. It’s not.
    B. It doesn’t work that way.

  6. Superglue. Both the Arctic and Antarctica were used after World War 2 to test the new Superglue after it was discovered they were both floating off into space after being dislodged by the force of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. Duct tape proved ineffective as the jagged icy mountain peaks kept slicing through it and the grey made the white landscape look untidy. So, they got two enourmous chains to anchor the continents to the ocean floor and stuck the chains on with a Superglue prototype called “Fuck, this stuff won’t come off”.

    So far, so good – the glue is holding, although the underlying fumes are said to be melting the polar ice caps, but keep that little nugget to yourself or the press will have a field day.

    And that’s science.

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