Monday, December 28, 2009

Monumental Respect




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  1. Vince from purchasing

    @40 – I’d play hide and go seek at the twin towers site. Hell, I’d play hide the sausage.

  2. “Springtime for hitler and germany
    Deutschland is happy and gay
    We’re marching to a faster pace
    Look out
    Here comes the master race”


    @Mishkin: “Make out at Flanders Fields” That’s funny.
    I peed at Sand Creek and made out at Gettysburg. That may have been a little disrespectful? I only peed a little though and my dick is pretty small.

  3. @ Keyser Soze:
    Shhh!! They’re undercover.


  4. This is a perfect location for: ‘Holocaust 2: A sacrilegious gangbang”!

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH gr_on23.
    Everything I wanted to say has been said 😛

  6. What sucks more than what that did is that they’ve now gotten so much more exposure for doing it. Lame for being submitted to Lamebook and lame for Lamebook for having posted it.

  7. I’m more disgusted that some people not only automatically think these individuals are Americans but they also immediately jump to identifying other memorials to disgrace.

  8. @gr_on23 It’s private property. Rules like that are everywhere in order avoid lawsuits. I’m actually surprised that the rules are not stricter than what they are. Would you want someone skating on your property knowing that if they hurt themselves in anyway they could sue you for millions?

    To quote the creator of the memorial “I want it to be a part of ordinary, daily life. People who have walked by say it’s very unassuming… I like to think that people will use it for shortcuts, as an everyday experience, not as a holy place.”

    Based on those two facts I see nothing wrong with what they are doing

  9. @ BiPolarBear

    So what if people assume they were American? I bet you couldn’t tell the difference between a Japanese person and a Korean person, or a Nigerian and an Ethiopian.

    Plus, white tourists are most likely to be American, seeing how they have the highest disposable income on average and the highest population.

  10. *sigh* I hope one day you grow up…I don’t bet on it…but I hope.

  11. @ Mishkin – I am running screaming for the hills… you will not receive any spanking on your lame ass… The possibility is far greater for me to smack you upside your head, as I would smack those to disrespecting fiends trampling all over the holocaust monument. *sigh*

    FSS. I need a drink.

  12. So, out of all of the people making huffy comments about this, who has actually been there? As far as i know, this sort of activity is not uncommon. BUT i haven’t been there, so I’m only going on friends’ experiences, articles I’ve read. Go figure.

  13. MTPetey and Bipolarbear,
    I completely agree with you.

    I might ask though, how do you guy know that they didn’t show their respects while being there?
    Please, enlighten me on how this picture should have been taken?
    I wouldn’t be offended if people were doing this at Ground Zero.
    People go into memorials all the time taking weird pictures, and then paying their respect. As for this photograph, I do see it as a little harmless fun to lighten the mood which some of you need to learn how to do and pull whatever brick you have out of your ass.
    If you take offense to this photograph… fine. Just don’t sit here and trash other memorials, you hypocrites. That’s about as bad as what you think they are doing, or better yet, worse.

  14. They should put up a sign saying “Smiling Verboten”. Then we should open special camps, where disrespectful people like Mel Brooks, Lenny Bruce, and Johnny Rotten can be sent to learn proper behavior!
    god save the queen!
    she ain’t no human bein!

  15. ahaha I conquer 64. The sign should really say ‘We’re two disrespectful douches who think that taking smiling pictures at a holocaust memorial is our idea of a good time. You can also tell that we don’t get out much and have no regard for world news.’

    (: I’m sure their one track minds could have figured out how to get that all on one piece of paper.

  16. I don’t actually have any problem with taking personal pictures doing whatever you want. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around in these pictures to offend. What does seem to be the offense is a) posting it on Facebook, perhaps with the mistaken feeling that the privacy features offer any; b) the helpful “friend” that submitted it here; and then c) Lamebook posting it. So let’s just expand the circle of offending by taking it from perhaps a small group of friends and posting it publicly.

    Sure, your pictures of you naked with your cow might deserve that. But perhaps not this. Perhaps Lamebook didn’t get the memo that it may still be too soon to joke about the Holocaust.

  17. Lighten up people. We come here for a laugh, remember.

    My wife is a Berliner and she took me around this monument. She explained that the designer intended for people to interact in their own way.

    Personally I found it disorientating and bleak and it brought to mind the appalling experience of those that perished.

    Other people at the site were jumping from block to block in clear sight of the police and my wife and friends told me this was acceptable.

    …But I probably don’t know what I’m talking about and someone who has never been to Berlin or never heard about this monument will tell me how I should have behaved and felt when I visited.

  18. :/ I would think that, knowing that the monument is a tribute to the Holocaust victims; one would act in a more sombre and demure manner. We will feel the reverberations of the Holocaust for as many years as we remember it- I don’t think it’s ever appropriate to make light of it really.

  19. @Shellie

    My relatives were also German jews, who had to escape, come over to England and change their names. But I think this is all fine, good luck to them. We should celebrate that we’ve learned from the past, not just cry over it for all time.
    But my point is, you’re not the only one with a back story, get over yourself.

  20. My parents were murdered by a gang of clowns.

    I go to the Barnum and Bailey circus every year and sit in the stands and just cry and cry. It makes me mad that everyone else is laughing around me.

  21. So what have we learned from this?
    Everyone has their own opinions. Discussion closed.

  22. The 3rd picture made me think of a scene from American History X. You know what would’ve made an excellent 4th picture? A Jewish fellow stamping the smug bitches teeth into the concrete.

  23. *bitch’s

    Ha, got there first grammar police.

  24. @MTPetey – I get that those are just “official” rules, but my point was that I highly doubt anyone is actually *encouraging* behavior like that. Saying he expects people to use it for “shortcuts” and “everyday experiences” is very different than saying he wants people to be running and jumping all over it.

    I don’t have a particular opinion on whether what they did was right or wrong because I don’t know nearly enough about the place to say what is normal and what isn’t… in fact, I would totally understand why the creator would want the emphasis to be on life and on living instead of on horror and death. But to say that this type of behavior is encouraged is, perhaps, and exaggeration. That’s all.

  25. Typical brainless tourists.

  26. ^ Hey! I resemble that remark.

  27. Knowing the historical background of the monument and the effect it’s supposed to have on someone visiting it, I don’t think they grasped the meaning and concept of it at all. That said, it should also be mentioned that they are by far not the only ones to “have fun” there and supposedly “interpret it their own way”, it happens all the time. Anyone who thinks that’s the point of it though, should seriously get properly informed cause that’s complete nonsense. It’s wrong, yes, but it also means a lack of awareness generally. Ignorance is the right word for their behaviour.

  28. Reminds me of when I was at the Anne Frank house and there was a girl taking a thumbs-up grinning photo of herself outside of it and the historical plaque. I was horrified, to say the least.

  29. holy shit pipster that sounds “horrifying!!”

  30. Being an Australian, If I were to take a dump in jest at an ANZAC memorial site, would it be considered disrespectful or random mind numbing fun?

  31. I’d say if you were to take a shit in australia and miss an ANZAC memorial site you’d be doing well…

  32. Insane, as another Australian, I’d say you’re a d*ck! I hope you’re joking…

  33. Obvious troll is obvious.

  34. I pray that prhavc and that these people weren’t doing anything wrong. Because if this behavior isn’t encouraged, then their behavior would be reprehensible.

  35. em ive been here and there are signs by it saying please do not play here and show respect so fail on their part

  36. Even though we aren’t sure whether these are American’s or not there is no reason to stereotype whole countries into dumbass’. Every country has their equal share of low class people.

  37. Caramel_Princess

    Seriously? Wow. May they burn in hell with Hitler. DISRESPECTFUL !

  38. That_Girl_up_past_her_bedtime

    i realize this has been posted ages ago but still. this is a monument to the Holocaust victims, they would prefer people being free and enjoying life. sorta like when you talk to peoples headstones in a grave yard sometimes no one goes to see them :S

  39. In high school I’ve made a thesis on how both prison, work and death camps were operated during Nazi regime. Last summer I’ve visited some of these camps and Berlin with a group of student friends. After visiting the Jewish Museum with it’s impressive Garden of Exile we headed for the Holocaust Monument during the evening.

    The atmosphere there was quite pleasant with people jumping and lounging on the concrete blocks. We actually had a discussion if it would be acceptable to join their activity. Our reasoning was straightforward: Monument or not, the structure is practically engineered for this purpose and located right in the buzzing city center. The Garden of Exile gives you a downcast feeling, but these huge stepping stones will draw out the little kid. So up we went.

    Security staff is OK with it as long as you stay off the tall stelae: A 2 meter drop can be lethal and killing people isn’t what a holocaust monument is supposed to do.

  40. @lothar, did you really mean 2 meters? That’s under 7 feet. I suppose a fall from that height could be lethal if you hit your head, but so could a fall from zero meters.

  41. If that is not lame and direcpectful, well then I’m really looking forward playing around and swimming into the pool at the WTC memorial in New-York

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