Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monumentally Hacked

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  1. What if Matt was really gay, but gave the excuse about leaving his computer on because his friends made teased him and made it awkward?

  2. sleptwithghosts

    Then he needs to find better friends.

  3. matt, its ok if you suck your roommates dick.

  4. Matt, you shouldn’t get your computer aroused at all. You also shouldn’t end your sentences with prepositions.

  5. Lost-Dog, although “on” by itself is a preposition, in this case it’s part of a phrasal verb. It’s OK to end a sentence with those.

  6. Paranoid Android72

    I could criticize the lameness of doing the “I’m gay” fraping or the appalling grammar but I don’t have the inclination.

    And you shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘And’. Fucking eejit.

  7. ^ Gay inclination?

    And I agree… Do never start a sentence with “And”.

    And that is all.

  8. Paranoid Android72

    Meh, either or.

  9. Dammit.

  10. Veli, you’ve destroyed the very fabric of my scholastic experience. Oh well, at least this week is over.


  11. How can you tell if your friend is gay? His dick tastes like shit.

  12. I typed a status on an account that is already logged in! Lol! I am such an awesome “hacker”!

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  14. The supreme court is so fucking weird. They shoot down the defense of marriage act yet fuck over the voters rights act. It’s like they’re acting as a political body which they aren’t and should not be.

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