Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Moral of the Story…

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  1. If there was ever a reason to kick someone off our planet I think this is it.

  2. No, the moral of the story is that this guy is a fucking cunt who can’t write.

  3. May the cops triangulate the phones location and drag you out of your parents basement where you’ve been living for the last 37 years.

  4. Fake.

  5. Don’t be so butthurt. This is funny.

  6. Working on the side of the road was he? Community service does not count as having a job, dickface. Next time you are ‘at work’ how about you step in front of the next oncoming truck you unfunny arsehole.

  7. Aye, Franky. He didn’t even have the decency to spell ‘fuck’ properly.

  8. Mature. Very mature.

    But then, I’d look for naughty pics, send them to all his contants, and Bluetooth them to my phone.

  9. I love when criminals publicly admit to crimes.
    it makes life so much tidier when the coppers don’t get to beat a confession out of them, you know?

  10. ”English, mother f*cker, do you speak it?!”

  11. ^Don’t worry, MsAnne. This fucker sounds like a ‘resisting arrest’ type of guy. The cops will still be able to have their fun.

  12. heh. yeah, like the coppers even need an excuse.
    Your average copper would pull over their own granny and beat her her head into the verge if she had a blown tail-light.

  13. “Society had a crime problem. It hired cops to attack crime. Now society has a cop problem.” Tom Robbins

  14. Wow, super awesome guy, he is! Way to potentially ruin someone’ life because they – GASP! – lost their cell phone. Fucking dick.

  15. yeah that was the true moral of the story. stupid people are scum.

  16. and fuck the police.

  17. I hope this guy gets hit by a cement mixer

  18. I really feel like if the girlfriend actually thought her boyfriend was capable of saying/doing such a thing then the boyfriend probably deserves what could be coming to him. If she didn’t think he was capable of it she wouldn’t have called the cops.

  19. ^because women are stable, rational creatures.

  20. jed7, it’s not that I think my partner is incapable of sending a threatening text message to me or anyone else; it’s just that I know he wouldn’t arse-rape the English language in the process.

    How’s that for stable and rational, MsAnneThrope?

  21. I should really try to learn to not generalise all the time.

    but I don’t believe you to be the kind of drama llama woman who actually carries on a text argument – instead of just deleting that shit.

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