Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Family Fun






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  1. the skipping school one would be good if that was his mum but how do we know cus both their last names are blurred out

  2. the fact that Sandy can’t spell too well should be reason enough for Graeson to stay in school.

    and i love made up statistics.

  3. Maurice probably drunk dialed Aunt Janet at 3am and talked dirty to her for 30 minutes. She’s probably bitter because he passed out right when she was getting into it.

    Rachael needs to get over herself. It would be one thing if Suzanne was going into graphic detail, but simply acknowledging that she has sex with her husband is nothing to get all uptight about.

  4. If Jessica’s mom was already logged on to Jessica’s account, why did she not just accept the friend request for her..?

  5. @ Kelsssey: I guess she had sent friend requests to her daughter’s friends and was trying to get them to accept her friendship.

  6. c’mon, kelsssey. She sent the friend requests from her own account, then used her daughter’s account to post that status update. Her daughter is already friends with her own friends, dipshit, it’s her mother that’s urging them to respond to the requests.

  7. 87% of all statistics on the internet are made up.

  8. 72% of all statistics on the internet are made up.

  9. I like Sensible Madness.

  10. Zombie Kind, we all do.

  11. Kid*

  12. Well I’m stupid.

  13. hah Lonna told you Karl :p

    and i agree, if my mom put what Suzanne did i wouldnt think it was TMI

    also kelsssey, thought the same thing you did, dont feel bad :p

  14. If Sandy IS Graeson’s mother, then Sandy should be beaten severely for setting the example to her offspring that “your” is an acceptable substitute for “you’re.”

  15. Welcome to you’re “DOOM!”


  16. Wow. Bryan is a fucking retard who mixes “you’re” with “Your”


  17. @Bryan -“Success is often difficult to define, though for you, it pretty much boils down to filling that cup with clean urine.

  18. Did Zombie Kid give up on turtles?

  19. Aww. I thought he liked them.

    That International Skip School Day makes me laugh. Because at least half the people who’ve joined aren’t gonna do it, so the ones who are and are hoping absolutely everyone else will too are going to get done for it. Ah, Facebook…

  20. Zombie Kid can mix it up, who knew!

  21. I reckon someone hacked into his Lamebook account.

  22. @melnub & MNic: My comment was, for the most part, a joke regarding the show Frisky Dingo and the charecter Killface whose improper use of an apostrophe in “your” turns the phrase into; Welcome to you are “doom!”. Doom is unexplainably in quotes, possibly hinting at some form of ironic doom. This apostrophe mishap was also used by Sandy in this lamebook post. (link to youtube Welcome to you’re “Doom!” video) And MNic, I have no clue how to respond to your (you’re) clever quote that you copied from the internet somewhere, but yes, my piss probably is dirty, and finding a job is difficult..

  23. … tragic…

  24. @Bryan tl;rr

  25. What does tl;rr mean?? I can’t keep up with internet slang! How hard would it be to write that? It’s only 4 words!!

  26. Sorry, reference to previous post. scarfey reckons an alternative to tldr (too long didn’t read) could be tl;rr (too lame; regretted reading)

  27. Bryan for emotional the fail

  28. Thank you awful, I like it, now that i understand 🙂 lol wkd-own

  29. The Graeson/Sandy entry was funny to me.
    “International Skip School Day” means Graeson won’t be attending classes on said day. Isn’t it awkward to attend an ‘event’ that requires not attending? That’s how I perceived it.

  30. the sandy/graeson was funny to me because He was just caught by his mom trying to ditch.

  31. bad auntie.

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