Friday, May 7, 2010

More Friday Fans

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  1. Ben!

  2. Now that’s a mo boys.

  3. Elke… EPIC FAIL!

  4. It would be a bacterial wonderland.

  5. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Elke, really?!?!?!?! Way to sound stupid, stupid!

  6. Who's That Girl?

    Ugh…posts are so stupid today. I’m ready for the bar…

  7. I challenge any girl on here to let mo man anywhere near their crotch with that thing.

  8. WTG I’m with you…bring on the vodka cause this shit is lame

  9. Lissieissocool

    Oh my you’d have an infection in every available opening in that region, it would be horrible, never mind the fact that it would make your legs itch to shit.

  10. I saw what she liked and was like, ‘I agree, everyone should learn that,’ but then I read her post and died inside.

    And seriously, you’re letting your mom DICTATE your sex life? Tell her to get that butt plug out of her ass.

    Beth, I feel for you. I really do. You sound like the sensible one of the family.

    That is one KILLER mustache man, keep it up.

    Hey, people are subway are sandwich ARTISTS, unlike the crappy baloney sandwich you made last night. Keep practicing in the kitchen.

    And yes, I do like to go from the bottom up.

  11. *at subway

  12. I ate a foot long club with bacon at Subway just a few hours ago. That mustache kills my beard…These are on the weak side.

  13. Cos if you did, he’d have remnants of your bush in his bush for weeks after.

  14. I bet the dude who isn’t allowed to have sex is in his 30s. His mom just doesn’t want him to go to jail.

  15. Subway guys… they know how to handle their meat

  16. Beth, way to ruin what might have been a funny news feed submit by submitting your own comment at the end. Fail.

  17. If you’re asking your mom for permission before you have sex… chances are you’re not grown up enough to have sex yet. Hopefully mum has given you the green light to beat off, otherwise I’m sure you’re a very frustrated (hopefully) young man.

  18. Slow day….lame

  19. The quality of these Lamebook posts are getting really boring.

  20. *is getting pretty boring. I’m not sure what the correct grammar is here and I don’t want the grammar police after me.

  21. Since you are talking about the quality, take the “of these Lamebook posts” out and see if it makes sense. “The quality are getting really boring.” doesn’t make sense so “is” would be the correct usage.

  22. Thanks reescan! I knew I could count on someone to school me.

  23. No problem.

  24. These aren’t so bad. The kid that want’s to fk his girfriend made me LOL
    Who the hell would post something like that? And who the hell would listen?

  25. This would have been eh. But thanks to Lamebook, the last one pisses me off. Now I can’t stand it when people use they’re, their, thre wrongly :p It’s my biggest pet hate now.

    Also the sisters one made me laugh.

    What, you want some witty, insightful comment on the post? Why the fuck are you asking me. Go pester Soup, that’s his area.

  26. “What’s the point of having sex with my girlfriend if I can’t tell my mum about it?”

    @reescan, you’re right about “the quality are getting really boring” not making sense, but it’s not just the subject/verb disagreement that’s bothering me. Quality=boring?

  27. Wow did lamebook really get an engrish spam message (#26)? Wow.

  28. @BritishHobo

    That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. Thank you. But…now I’m feeling kind of pressured to deliver some amazing comment on this thread. Oh no. My lexicon has become limp, my verbosity flaccid. YOU COCK!

  29. @aleon001 seriously is twss where spam goes to die? spam demon!

  30. Ahaha, the first one is best. I would join that group. But only cause I enjoy those posts about women needing to be in the kitchen so much. This one is a nice change of pace. Holy the Spambots are really pushing for that TWSS site.

  31. dfweeeeeeeeee

  32. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  33. Hello, summer, good place for shopping, fashion, sexy, personality, maturity, from here to begin. Are you ready? shoes,and,handbags,t-shirts,BIKINI..ect/… thanks… COME../

  34. lol

  35. hahahaha..ah..

    God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, He could never abandon you!
    “Seek me and you will find me, if you seek me with all your heart!” Jer.29:13

  36. Wow, elixabeth added another layer of annoying.

  37. When the hell did Bible verses become appropriate for this page?

    Also, I had to look up the stupid Subway fan (er, sorry…”Like”) page myself. How sad. I’m too lazy for no “Join Here” links. :p

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