Friday, February 8, 2013

More Good Parenting

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  1. chuck norris knows the wrong way to eat a reese’s.

  2. Shut the fuck up you fucking twat.

  3. When I stare at boobies I learn that I like boobies.

  4. Stare here, stare there, stare everywhere!!!

  5. #4 is like that turd that just won’t flush.

  6. #2 is an obnoxious limey who doesn’t realise his insults aren’t used out side of the UK. Here’s a hint Noobsauce, nobody here knows what a twat is.

  7. ^False.

    I know what a twat is.

  8. Exactly, I live as far away from the UK as you can get and I know what that geezer is banging on about you divvy twat. Respect for sorting that slave thing out though innit.

  9. Stop trying to homogenise the world, Lincoln. You fucking berk.

  10. Lincoln doesn’t know what a twat is because he’s a 40 year old virgin

  11. Do you eat Reece(s) with-a-spoon?
    And FYI everyone knows what a twat is…. You twat. The US is not the centRE of the universe. And the US$ ain’t worth shit

  12. Lincoln, I doubt you are an American. No self respecting brother over here says ‘limey’

  13. Twat? Twat did you say? I cunt hear you. Eh, I’ll just finger it out for myself.

  14. Now, beautusmongous, I appreciate that kind of humor

  15. No, Tanmoz, you eat twat with a spoon, now toss off you mongoloid!

  16. No CapnJaques, you eat Capn Crunch with a spoon. Trying to talk someone into eating twat with a spoon probably explains why you’re the only virgin pirate around. Now toss off below deck and back to Jaque-ing your little splinter off with your tweezers and spy glass!

  17. Don’t be such a sourpuss. Clearly you’ve never tried it.

  18. You’re all bastards.

  19. isn’t it about time those units at lamebook started working weekends? I’m sick of having to resort to reading the retarded’s posts here on the weekend when, apparently, nothing lame enough ever happens on a weekend to post.

    Bahaha, iPhone corrected c u next Tuesday to units…

  20. Being a bastard is not the bastards fault, just make sure you are not responsible for bringing one to the world. Is being a bastard that bad?

  21. No19, JennySlade. You seem rather fond of that word, but isn’t it a bit harsh to call them c***s for not working weekends and providing you with entertainment for which you do not pay? If it bothers you that much, find something else to do but visit this place all day.

  22. fuck u and your bearded black framed glasses face hipster Dan.

  23. Hipster? WTF? My profile picture is a robot, and I can’t stand hipsters! Fuck you and your white silhouette and blue/grey background.

  24. I was bearded until this morning though, here I made a before/after for twitter:

  25. I’m going to borrow that! “C u next Tuesday” It just sounds so innocent.

  26. I hate “c u next tuesday” who gives a flying fuck if you say cunt?

  27. Dan R posted a fucking photo of himself – you brave, brave cunt.

  28. What’s your twitter Danr? I’ll show you a real fucking beard.

  29. Nobody wants to see your crotch beard Abe! 😀

  30. What are you on about, Jenny?

  31. Jenny, it goes like this:

  32. Beatus strikes again!

  33. Beautus, how the fuck do you do this? Are you an undercover adynistrator?

  34. I spelled that wrong on purpose because typing the word A-D-M-I-N seems to stop your post showing up.

  35. ^ No, Dan, I am not, but I suggest you use the term, “wanker,” instead of “adm¡nistrator.”

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