Thursday, October 6, 2011

Staying Celibate

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  1. christopherlovet


  2. i love em young

  3. The correct answer is, “When you are legal… plus 5 years…”

    @waffle…. pervert!

  4. The correct answer is ‘When you realize the importance of proper contraceptive techniques and know how to apply them.’

  5. slicingupeyeballs

    Whn your priest tells you…

  6. I’m not sure but I think this is how you create lesbians.

    Wonderful, wonderful lesbians.



  8. What is wrong with Sarah? She must have seen some real micro’s

  9. Girls, if you want the truth, menstruation is the best indication of sexual maturity.

  10. Walter I hope to god you’re being sarcastic, I was 9 when I started and I know I was no where near sexual maturity.

  11. My rule is: If you feel like sexing, sex. If you don’t feel like sexing, don’t sex.

    “How do you know when you’re ready?”

    “When you want to have sex with someone.” – If you’re asking questions about it, then you’re not ready.

    How hard is it, really? I understand a young girl asking her mother an estimation of when it might be in the future, but not people currently in that situation and not knowing.

  12. I teach my kids if there is grass on the field you can play.

  13. Kizit, considering that the definition of “sexual maturity” is “the age or stage when an organism can reproduce”, I hope the ridiculousness of your comment is intentional.

  14. Crane, the question makes sense because society has taken the fact that sex _can_ be romantic (which is wonderful) and assumed that therefore it _must_ be romantic or in the context of a romantic relationship or meaningful or other BS. Thus the question ‘How do I know that I am at a point where sex will be meaningful?’ makes sense. She might already want to have sex with someone, but be worried because of society’s brainwashing telling her she has to make sure it is romantic and meaningful.
    Physiologically, of course, it is a stupid question.

  15. mad2, you conformist attempts at nonconformity are pathetic. You are what you think you hate.

  16. *your conformist

  17. Physicist: Makes sense.

    Walter: Lols.

  18. The only problem is that she might now try look at a heap of penises to check if they’re still funny or not.

  19. Walter, your hilarious attempts at trolling are hilarious. You are what what you laugh at.

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