Monday, July 19, 2010

More Nickelcrap

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  1. First?

  2. Also, yes, Nickelback blows.

  3. This had better not be the last post of the day. Can we at least get the cool German pink alien picture above this Canadian Crap Rock douchebag? GAH! Well done, Taraa…even if your extra ‘a’ is a little lame in itself.

  4. People blow vuvuzelas at Nickleback concerts?

  5. @ Heisenberg: They should.

  6. at least nickelback know they’re a bunch of gay douche lamers.

    there are bands like metallica that are all gay douche lamers but don’t realise it.

  7. @alordslums. no shit. I’ve heard people knock nickelback and then say that marilyn “i blow my bandmates and carry a picture of justin timberlake in my wallet” is a rocker. He should join NB, then they could all blow each other

  8. … if that vid is your band alord, it’s alright.. liked the tune.

    isn’t gay douche lamers’ a little harsh for Metallica … no, I just remembered a video they did in some prison.

  9. Telling them they suck via huge sign wouldn’t even be worth suffering through “blah blah blah..scruffy voice…blah blah blah” for an hour.

  10. alordslums ur band sounds like fuckin nickelback but more pussy

  11. Hey, that motherfucker owes me a nickel!

    Although I will settle for a blowjob. He should be good at it by now.

  12. anon, are you volunteering to be a groupie?

    we definitely need more groupies.

  13. I knew I would see that screen name before to long #10.

  14. If Shakespeare was both alive and camp, he would look like that first pic. Fact.

  15. hemorrhoids

  16. Chad Kroeger has a cocknose.

    And that is all I have to say about that.

  17. I’d like to apologize on Canada’s behalf for Nickleback’s existence.

    Try listening to Neil Young instead. He’s good.

  18. Neil Young’s pinky has got more class than Pickleback. More ass too.

  19. But Neil Young doesn’t have a cocknose.

  20. No but he does have a nosey cock.

  21. So, does it ask impertinent questions whenever it meets anyone new?

  22. Like, “Hello, I am Neil Young’s cock but you can call me Jose. That guy up there is Neil Young. So, do you shave your vagina?”

  23. Yeah, “Can I see an ID please?” He has been burned before. In more than one way.

  24. dietpillpyramidscheme

    There are plenty of great Canadian musicians to make up for that great stain on the musical tapestry…
    I’m not sure if ‘Chad’ has become self-aware to how shit his band is?

    Keep rocking Neil Young, Arcade Fire, et cetera.

  25. The fantastic Nickelbashing going on here makes me incredibly happy. I knew there was a reason I liked this place so much…

  26. @Osiris

    Can you go ahead and apologize Celine Dion, also? Or do we specifically blame Quebec for her?

  27. Leave Celine alone!

  28. If Kroegers mother had ‘sucked’ as much as he does, he wouldn’t exist and neither would Nickleback. Now THAT’S a world I want to live in.

  29. I <3 Taraa.

  30. I thought “Rock Star” was the worst song I’d ever heard… until I heard “Photograph.” I can’t even begin do express my disgust and nausea at that “song.”

  31. This is funny, because I just had an argument with 2 friends on facebook about how much I think Nickelback sucks(funny because I was talking about my opinions the whole time. They were treating what they were saying as facts).

    Despite the fact that everyone in the conversation was on their side, I won. They have terrible grammar skills, so their argument is invalid.

  32. Cocknose..Yup, that’s the right word 🙂

  33. dietpillpyramidscheme

    This link is worth checking out. Mostly because HALF of their Wikipedia page is “Criticism”.

    Even Wiki, which is [supposed to be] impartial, can’t escape the fact that they suck.

  34. yes, that entry is incredibly biased for such an impartial recorder of fact as wikipedia.
    that’s why for all my up-to-date nickelback information i go to:

  35. Where did you get the idea that Wikipedia is “impartial”?

  36. That said, Nickelback still sucks.

  37. And you bleed much better than I bleed
    And you’ve shown all that is so good
    And your word, much better than my word
    And you stand right where a hole should

  38. yes. my dick in his mouth. mmm

  39. nosey cock! brilliant!

  40. omg. Just look at what happens when you say nickelback. good lord people. 😀

  41. look at this photograph! made fun these guys from south carolina all the way to arkansas.

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