Thursday, July 22, 2010

More People, More Problems

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  1. Should’ve known dan_fargis would come back with his retarded views on politics and religion…

  2. Well my friend Heidi, who lives on the hill opposite me, says her Grandpa does a kind of wave with his home made sausage which notifies her when he wants her to come home. Much cheaper than a mobile telephone, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

  3. @shtick I think Dan Fargis would benefit from a spell on my green hills.

  4. Lauren makes me ashamed of my name…

  5. Tracy did learn the teachings of Jesus. She just thought that the Romans got things done a lot faster and without dying and shit. Makes sense, can’t blame a girl for liking efficiency.

  6. Pseudonym, I miss the tequila goat now.

  7. @GrahamDunk Yeah there is a little avatar there but it’s really fucked up because I registered and was logged in on my boss’ computer, where I don’t have that photo uploaded. And there’s no option anywhere for me to get rid of it so it’s really really really freaking me out. And actually, the computer I had that avatar on is well gone so I really don’t get it at all. Also I wasn’t allowed to use capital letters or underscores in my user name and so this entire registering process has totally fucked up my brain.

    And yeah, I’ve been a long time reader and am well aware that dan_fargis is nothing but a spineless troll, but I just had to mention that he was racist as no one had done so yet.

  8. Dan_fargis… when your “God” hates all of the same people you do, it’s time to start considering that your God is probably the invention of humans.

  9. For once, I fully agree with dan_fargis’ comment

    Also, why can’t we register with capital letters, spaces, or underscores anymore?

  10. Haha Dick Tips reminds me of Dick Trickle – America’s Winningest Driver!

  11. @11:

    “Geez Tracy, if you’re going to indirectly insult an entire cultural group…make sure you get the right one. It’s Native American…sheeeeeesh”

    maybe Tracy meant Indian from India

  12. Whoops! no she didn’t… just read it again

  13. This morning I woke up and realised I had been having a dream. But after like 5 seconds I couldn’t remember it any more but I thought it was a pretty good dream. I tried to think what it was all day. It was driving me crazy. Finally I remembered. I dreamed I was getting a blow job… from Dick Tips.

  14. Slanderous Princess

    Here’s a possibility, Richard posted something about being single. His ex read it and made her comment. He then changes his status just to drive the nail home… Just a guess and yes, I have dated alot of jerks…

  15. ok how can Richard post that he is single –5 hours ago– then comments are –8 hours ago– and another one –6 hours ago–

    so fucking fake !!

  16. they cannot comment one hour and 3 hours before he posted he is single xDDDD fakeeeeeeeeee

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