Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Terrible Typos!

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  1. Vincent_Valentine


  2. “drawl”…bet that’s a teabagger

  3. Also, aren’t you supposed to say “Viiiinnnceeeent____________Vaaaaaaaallllleeeennnttttiiiinnneeeee” or something? “First” is so lame. (Note the dilemma I had with the underscore. Do you repeat it? or is it unworthy? In the end I repeated it. But am still on the fence.)

  4. Vincent_Valentine

    True, but doesn’t that seem a little long? haha

  5. that’s what she said^

  6. Dragging out the E at the end of Valentine makes me want to pronounce it Valentiny. That sounds silly.

  7. Why was Liam climbing through the window?

  8. Only in theatres… oh and video stores and online…

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