Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Wins for Your Wednesday

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  1. second!

  2. where are the wins?

  3. I would ask for Taco Tuesday Night

  4. i love tacos… invite me over for taco tuesday!!

  5. Who's That Girl?

    You know it’s bad when you start looking through your kids toys for batteries….guilty.

  6. Slim you are welcome to taco tuesday anytime

  7. next time just give me a ring… be like the energizer bunny… keep you coming and coming and coming…

  8. woohoo! yummy cupid!!

  9. @WTG.. Costco girl … you need to buy that stuff at Costco and keep it in your secret place 🙂

  10. cool username

    can someone explain whats funny about the first one?

  11. CanIHasFrenchToast

    Batteries…fun..pleasurable…lonely.. you can put the pieces together.

  12. No Ben? Weird.

  13. Ya know I almost like Chelsea, she’s a wine-o like me. Then she goes and ruins it with the freaking Hills. Wine-o’s all over the world just shed a tear.

  14. So cupid…you do mean bearded taco tuesday, right?

  15. Most of these sucked, but Cameron’s was a win in my book

  16. I love Logan’s. I find it funnier when I know where it’s from.

    Save the cheerleader, save the world!
    Save the cheerleader, save the world?
    Yeah, that’s what I said!

  17. blastthexradioo

    I find Logan’s awesome! I love Heroes references :]

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ slim #2 your question is the answer to your question.

  19. WhyNotTheWhales

    I hate the name Cameron! And Kim and all those unisex names! Dammit do I read your comments with a male or female voice in my head!?

  20. Both Logan and Cameron’s were good. Logan especially was clever, love it!

  21. Logan wins.
    Hawkins2010, BE GONE.

  22. I would think you’re company is rather questionable Chelsea if they’re willing to watch “The Hills” with you, unless of course it’s your girlfriend. Then by all means, enjoy your lesbian night together. Cameron’s got the right idea though with wanting the remote. ee, I feel sorry a wine-o like you had to be put through such distaste at seeing something like The Hills and wine being in the same sentence, unless it’s The Hills wine, which is tasty (assuming i’m correct about the brand, lol).
    Logan’s is the win here.
    Sara, WTG, you need longer lasting batteries by the sound of it. That was great though Cupid, Costco Size It.

  23. Is it my imagination, or does lamebook really suck today?

    I’m not blowing my own horn or anything, but I can’t seem to find anything to comment on, and try to be at least a little bit amusing about it.
    It could be that I’m just tired and tetchy.

    But maybe going somewhere, and blowing my own horn is exactly what I should do.

  24. It will be anatomically almost impossible, but I’ll give it a go.

  25. nuff, I might look into that brand. Wine should be savored and enjoyed, and that defiantly does not go along with the Hills!

    word, I’ve missed you and your witty ways. I too may be blowing my own horn later on.

  26. ee, I’ve almost given up on catching you of late, I just figured that our stars have not been aligning. You’re always in my thoughts though.

    I don’t drink much white wine, I’m a red girl, and as largely established on here, a beer one.

    But I had a great one last night at a work function, a New Zealand beauty called “Oyster Bay”. Don’t know how many imported wines you get over there, but it’s one well worth looking for girl.
    It only comes in bottles though ee, hope you’re ok with that. I know you love your vino, and a bottle may not sate your voracious appetite (I’ve heard you mention boxed wine before).

    Gotta go do some gift shopping now, Mothers Day, birthdays, and all that crap, so alas, we part again, for now at least.

  27. It may be Mission Hill. They are local though if i’m not mistaken.

  28. nuff, you may have to make a shipment to me! Or deliver in person. (wink, wink!)

    word, The stars alignment do not seem to be our favor.(Damn Stars!) Life has gotten in the way of our trysts, and I’m sorry. We do need to reconnect one of these days.

    I do love a fine beer, especially in the afternoon (cools off my heat) I’ll have to see if we carry that here, if so I’ll give it a go.

  29. I only have one bottle left and the winery is half a days drive north. Osoyoos is the area, wicked place during the summer.

  30. nuff, I’ll make it worth your all of your trouble to get me a bottle of fine wine. You won’t be disappointed. Promise!

  31. nuff, are you in WA, or Canada? You could be the cause of my next great North American venture!

  32. Trying to save the planet is like trying to save the young hot chick whose lifestyle I don’t agree with. I’ll still buy her drinks all night, and try to protect her from what I perceive as negative influences, but ultimately she’s going to move on with merry indifference to my meddling.

  33. Canada, eh. B.C. is one of the beautiful places on earth, and our local beers and whines are of excellent quality. Also got a nice bottle of Graham Beck Shiraz, 2004. I’m sure that would tickle your taste buds.
    As for that other one, I mistook the one I actually had. I’m pretty sure mission hill is another one I had but cheaper. The other one is a 2005 DESERT Hills ‘Mirage’, cause that’s what you’ll see when you reach the bottom, lol. Saving both for a special occasion. 😉
    And soup, very well said

  34. Paranoid Android

    Is the ‘Poke and Toke’ day still on?

    Just so I can stock up on sink plungers, ferrets and industrial hand cleaner.

    Rosé wine btw, just sayin’

  35. FRODO!!!

  36. JesusOnADinosaur

    Hiro FTW.

  37. Hello, summer, good place for shopping, fashion, sexy, personality, maturity, from here to begin. Are you ready? shoes,and,handbags,t-shirts,BIKINI..ect/… thanks… COME../,.

  38. lol

  39. jesus 10 posts and all you have to say is
    be creative you idiot

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