Monday, March 15, 2010

Moronic Monday

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  1. Now don’t be mean to Sara. She just has a lisp.

  2. I always love going a good drunk 21th.

  3. Fuck, I sound drunk.

  4. I have always wanted to become a Bakist or a Cookist.

  5. I don’t understand whats wrong with the last one?

  6. Oh Mels, open your eyes and look again. I’m drunk at 7 in the morning here and I can see it.

  7. I wish i could be celebrating my 21th birthday again 🙁

  8. usually i think typos are stupid… but the 21th one took a lot of effort to be a typo.

  9. @5 – It says ’21th’ instead of ’21st’. The photographer also cut off almost all of ‘happy’, and the sign randomly says ‘DRUNK’ at the bottom. But that’s more hilarious than wrong.

  10. Ah, I was too slow. Swing and a miss.

  11. slim, it’s ok, as I’ve previously posted today, it’s my birthday this week, and no, it’s not my 21th.
    That don’t matter though, me and you are 21 in spirit.

  12. Oh my. That last one there is just sad. 21th birthday, in a bathroom that looks like either her parent’s or a dorm, with enough time on her hands to make all those little signs, tape them up, and take a photo… of herself… alone… on her 21th…

  13. rockyourworld1967

    The girl in the fourth pic should get together with Sean who tattooed Kian April 3th 2007 on his arm! Or maybe they already are? LMFAO

  14. lol

  15. oh, malteaser, you eloquent sonofabitch. LOL ON!

  16. Oh Cameron, you’re almost as silly as the folks who say Jewish is a religion and not an ethnicity.

  17. Our lamebook mission should be to get more than a lol out of the malteaser.

    I’ve dared you before baby, come on, you can do it.

  18. Yes. I don’t understand which part of Sarah’s is lame… or is it all of it?

    21th.. bathroom.. alone, not even someone to take your photo… no bra.. poor mirror shot.. poor girl couldn’t even fake a smile 🙁

  19. I think the lamest thing about the last one is her outfit.

  20. I could help her; I’m an amazing make-overist.

  21. I say words wrong on purpose all the time like “bakist” for “baker”. And the fact that Lorraine states “I bake, I am bakist” further confirms my thoughts that this is just a funny quip, not a moron.

  22. word, i’m with ya.
    malteaser, tell us how you REALLY feel.

  23. RingingInMyHead

    @IndieSinger – I know, that’s so much fun to do. Like “rapper” and “rapist” – it’s interchangeable!

  24. I don’t know who is more of a moron – Cameron for hating Obama, or Melissa who doesn’t even understand the situation. I’m gonna go with Cameron.

  25. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Don’t listen to Wordpervert or Dawnstar, Malteaser. I’m with Dawnstar in #15 LOL on man.

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ wordpervert I’ve been drinking since about 6am too.

  27. Damn word, you’re way ahead of me, or behind me. Either way… (In response to drinking.)

  28. Brian’s my hero of the hour.

  29. Has no one entertained the idea that maybe Sara’s friends put those ‘decorations’ up? Maybe its Sara’s friends who are retarded.

    P.S. I am not Sara.

  30. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    If lamebook were some kind of a total fuck-up extended family then malteaser would be the kind of down syndromey cousin that sits in the corner festering in their own puke and liquid shit. Every now and then looking up from underneath a sorry stank to produce some repetitive monosyllabic bullshit that everyone expects and adores… “aw, aren’t they cute…”. You’re all mistaking love for overwhelming pathos.
    O.k. so I’m just jealous that my writing wrestles with brevity and pales in comparison to the scathing wit of malteaser. “lol” on you crazy kid.

  31. One day he will say something more and lamebook as we know it will never feel the same..

  32. Divine and Kahlan, you’re both right. Time will stand still for a brief moment.

  33. I like to think that maybe there is a paper and marker shortage and Sara’s friends had to reuse the “th”. Kind of like reusing turning the “6” birthday candle over and using it as a “9”..

  34. i miss zombie kid

  35. @24 “That’s ignorant…” granted, I’m sure Cameron has no real valid reason(s) for hating Obama other than the crap Fox News spews.

  36. Things I’ve learned from Lamebook:

    1. Catholic is a race.
    2. Liberal is a religion.

    Things I’m wondering about:

    1. Is a bakist someone who gets baked?
    2. How do you pronounce “1th”? Is it “one” with a “th” sound at the end, or is it “one-eth,” like “Gwyneth”?

  37. @gwang

    Wondering item 2: No, normal people pronounce it as “first”, written as 1st… so I assume 1th is pronounced firth.

  38. @14 malteaser lol 🙂

  39. Convinced that there are little sperm drawn on the “2” in the last picture.

  40. @llamajockey, I think you might be right, those defintely look like sperm. That picture does kind of scream “Set Up!” to me if I’m honest. Or maybe I just pray it’s a set up lol.

  41. Anyone else notice that it looks like Sara’s standing in the “Disability” stall? Irony?

    Sperm swimming upstream… Upwardly mobile…

  42. Oh, yeah… And “I’m baked. I am a druggist”

  43. I don’t remember much of my 21th birthday…I wasn’t cool enough to take mirror pictures.

  44. on the last one, there is no such thing as “21th”, it’s supposed to be “21st”

  45. RenegadeSoldier


    No shit… hence the reason it’s on Lamebook, Jackass!

  46. My twentyfirth was nowhere near as good as my eighteenst.

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