Monday, March 15, 2010

Ink That Stinks

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  1. Shouldn’t she be a little more fake-tanned and pumped up to have “Guido” tattoed on her?

  2. And how many 20 year old guys are called Harold these days??!

  3. tattoos that are gramatically incorrect piss me off so much

  4. Dizzy_Ballerina

    To be honest in that chubby chaser one the person on the right could just as well be a younger male 18ish. Either male or female its creepy! Maybe its dad and son lol.

  5. I would say,”Wow, you people have nothing better to fucking do than hang out at and make retarded comments?” But here I am. So that must make me a retard as well.
    You guys are idiots.

  6. Seriously, srsly?
    Job well done.

  7. @word pervert/baker – /yawn

  8. liketotallycool

    @ shutitdc & ThinkingInPictures: I didn’t notice the spelling in the first one cause I was browsing through Lamebook quickly. Now it does seem like a massive, huge fail!

    I did however notice the spelling and exclamation mark fails in the 3rd one, but the exclamation mark overuse was more interesting and funny. Which by the way sounds like a sentence a girl would make up…

  9. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    The Germans call it schadenfreude, but in this case I call it hot. There’s nothing in the world that screams “Fuck I Fail at Life!” quite like a big fat indelible typo all over your chest. I’m not even gay but I’d bust a mad nut all over Harold’s new ink, give him a pearl necklace in lieu of tattoo aftercare cream: “…just rub it in there Harold, yea *muffles laughter* it looks totally thug…”

    Crystal balls don’t come cheap so here’s a head’s up, invest all your money in tattoo removal studios…

  10. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Baker, I assume that means you submitted it.
    But the question is, are you seriously telling me it took 4 days for that chumP to notice?

  11. Nova is right about the spelling of rumour, British and Australian English tend to add a u to some words, for example color is spelt colour.

  12. Kahlan, are you stupid?! What do you mean… British people add u to words. I appreciate that American/Australian english is different… but come on, both of these variations have obviously removed the u, rather than the British adding it. Learn your history.

  13. @Seasider, I was just trying to explain the difference.

  14. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Americans, it seems; just hate “u”. “Mom”/”Mum” is a prime example..

    “U” is not the only vowel to get the cold shoulder..
    Look at the pronunciation of “Aluminium”.
    Also, I always get a kick out of how Americans pronounce “Oregano”..

  15. Alright then Baker, to finish up on this now tedious subject, I will say this.
    Ok, I may have misunderstood you… your first comment to me sounded like you were having a crack at what I said to liketotally. You didn’t make it really clear as to who you were referring to.
    And I’m sorry mate, but the way you worded your second response sounded like you were calling me a moron.
    So in summary, my mistake yes, but yours too.
    Truce ok.

  16. Hey ee, I saw what you saw, but couldn’t figure out wtf was going on with what turns out to be tits. Dirty minds think alike?

  17. Sorry Seasider but Australia follows the British English, not the American English. We also think they must have a thing against the letter u. And yes, these tattoos are so sad, my best friend’s boyfriend has tattoo guns and he’s a dumbshit so I’m just waiting for one of his dumbshit friends to rock up with a tattoo in this category.

  18. I don’t think Harolds’ is a mistake. If the moron could go 4 days without noticing it was misspelled, he probably did ask for it to be spelled without the b.

  19. @seasider – we Aussies keep the ‘u’ also, it is just the Americans that lose it.. Well I don’t know what canadians do.. What do they do? And regardless of the abundance of ‘u’s in our language it is still a bastard to get rid of them in scrabble.

  20. I can answer that as a Canadian. We also keep the u’s.

  21. I can answer to it as a South African too. We also keep the u’s.

    As far as I know the only spelling without the u’s is the American spelling… which it seems only Americans use. The rest of us use the British spelling (also commonly known as the “less-lazy spelling”) 😛 no offense 🙂 but it has been said many a time for years…

    @Seasider: Whether the u’s were removed by the Americans or added by the British is irrelevant. The point is that there are different spellings… both are correct but for different countries.

  22. @DivineMonkeyTrigger, yeah seriously. Lmao


    Yeah both times I realized I didn’t exactly word everything perfectly so I saw where you were coming from. Sorry about that. Truce!

  23. Lord, Jersey Shore has taken to tattoos now.

  24. @69 Try playing Scrabble in America…

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