Monday, March 11, 2013

Mother of God!

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  1. Tit can’t even rep right… Tit can’t even reproduce right.

  2. To be fair, she might have left that comment in horror.

  3. For some reason $10 bills just aren’t doing this any justice.

  4. He got the L-O hand sign right, now he just needs a few more fingers for the S-E-R to complete it.

  5. GFK.. G-Force Killers? I’m guessing this is not the most intimidating crew.

  6. I’m guessing that’s fool’s gold on top of the cash.

  7. David would shit himself if he ever met a real gansta.

  8. beatus, there’s nothing wrong with those particular nuggets…

  9. my god….he’s got TENS of dollars!! High Roller baby!

  10. Looks like he just cashed in his two week McDonald’s paycheck.

  11. Close to $260, and maybe a little over an ounce of weed. Not very impressive. Although the level of stupidity required to post that on facebook is quite impressive.

  12. That is nowhere close to an ounce.

  13. So mom gets wet over 200 bucks….?

  14. Oh my fucking God. Reminds me of a lil G I had as a friend on Facebook. He had a huge £3,000.00 pile of notes as a photo, which, let’s be fair isn’t that much money, on his profile. But then he went on to comment that it was a loan from the bank! WHAT A FUCKING GANGSTER.
    He’s the sort of prick who poses next to other people’s Ferrari’s.
    Shoot them all.

  15. @ Friendzone, whilst it does resemble weed, it also resembles dried out dog shit and I’m more inclined to believe the latter.

  16. I agree with crusty. I first thought he made a deuce all over his money.

  17. That’s barely enough for one joint.

  18. Careful guys!. he’s a gangster. Watch what you say, he’ll have us wacked off for cheap

  19. First of all it is $270 and second an ounce of weed!? All I see is a few small buds… not even an 1/8th…..

  20. @Friendzone has been getting ripped off this whole time spending about $320 on an “Ounce” (actually an 1/8th).

  21. I was counting not just the ‘nugget’ visible but estimating wha twas also in the container. Though to be fair I never really liked weed much, it just makes me paranoid. LSD was more my thing.

  22. I can’t believe how cool you guys all are. I wish I was down with drugs n shit.

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