Monday, November 22, 2010


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  1. I can lol at this, thanks to urban dictionary..

  2. I call fakesies.

  3. Don’t ruin this for me shegas, this is actually funny.

  4. Aww someone enlighten me on how exactly someone gets “dome”

  5. Or did he do a typo and meant “some”?

    I feel old.

  6. It means head. 🙂

  7. Thomas, the distubing images you will now have at the Thanksgiving table this year are your own doing. Nice voer story.

    and jellica, dome = oral sex

  8. *cover story

  9. Good job getting away with it.

  10. Oh that poor guy’s thanksgivings will be ruined forever. He’ll be tormented by images of his mother giving dome to his dad. Yech

  11. @11 Serves him right for bragging about it.

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    SoulDancer tormented?

  13. @Miss Shegas – I’m with you.

  14. His father probably has a nice big fat shiny chrome dome, that gets waxed and polished every couple of weeks. So bright, that they have to do it in the dark, otherwise mother will be blinded.

  15. Jesus.

  16. Who the fuck would post this as their status? Sounds like someones still in high school..

  17. I wish Jane was my mom. My mom never even inadvertantly promised me a handjob.

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Head Walter, she promised him head.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    And maybe some crossing swords with his own Dad.

  20. Ahhhh yes, a blowjob you say? Oh yes, so it is.

  21. Walter, you’re going to have to stop getting attached to the animals. I know Charley is cute little chick now, but I hope you realise someday he’s going to be a big cock and I’m going to have to choke your chicken.

  22. This would be quite an epic prank if the mother really did know what “dome” was. She could be serving up dinner and then just stop, pull some lip gloss out of her apron, and say, “That’s right, son, I promised you dome this Thanksgiving.”

  23. Ok. Thank you mommy.

  24. “No mom, I don’t want to hear about what you and dad did with the giblets. NO, I DON’T WANT ANY STUFFING!”

  25. It’s still idiotic he had to announce this on Facebook. He should have linked the girl’s profile while he was at it.

  26. Damn, another term I’ve never heard. I must be getting old, I also thought he meant to type ‘some’. Nicely done covering up that one though lol

  27. ha ha ha!

    I recall with some clarity the time that my mother and I had a felatio related misunderstanding…..she wanted it on her tits but i hosed it onto her forehead instead.

  28. Brutal. Talking about anything sexual with your mom is the worst.

  29. Considering where Mom’s mind is at, misunderstanding or no, you know she’ll be giving daddy dome for Thanksgiving anyway, however you wish to call it…
    You should all be happy for the dad

  30. Mom’s final reply seems pretty made-upish to me. And considering all the rumors that are floating around about things on Lamebook being embellished and edited I’m going to guess that probably that post was helped a little. Something about it doesn’t seem realistic.

  31. @31 Lamebook does edit photos now and then. And sometimes the person that submitted it shows the original. There was one awhile back where they altered the pic to say one thing, but in the original it was entirely different.

  32. even if this is fake, people write stuff like this on facebook all the time. i dont understand, if you know you are going to be posting dirtbag status updates then WHY WOULD YOU ADD YOUR MOM AS A FRIEND?!?!

  33. HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! 😀

  34. It does sound like a very contrived conversation to be true. It’s like someone lifted the lines from the screenplay of American Pie XVII

  35. And this is why facebook has that little exception thing so that family can’t see statuses of your sexual exploits. lol

  36. You’re the moron for having mom on your FB. Unless you enjoy getting DOME from good ‘ole momma dukes!

  37. Thank you Lamebook for educating me on the subject of US slang.

  38. I’ve either seen this before… or it’s fake haha

  39. She knows for a fact what it means. Joke’s on Thomas.

  40. To me, dome sounds like getting head from someone who’s bald.

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