Tuesday, October 6, 2009



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  1. Yes, it is an Aussie saying, roughly translated to “make fun of harshly in a joking manner”. And why are other peoples’ cultures “lame?” You couldn’t Google it yourself? Is this a difficult task? I weep for humanity.

  2. @ratcoon
    theres a few other countries besides america. check it out sometime. http://bit.ly/21tmrQ

  3. G’day Wanker & pb: I see you’re new to the interwebs. Welcome.

    I really wanted one of these: http://tinyurl.com/y9t7qua

  4. Oh man, I wish I had a friend like Steve

  5. I know someone like Steve. He’s cool.

    I also know someone like Karen. She’s fat, because she doesn’t understand that you can’t just stop dieting and keep the weight off. Stoooopid women. **shakes head sadly**

  6. steve is my hero.

  7. THAT’s what you call a visionary

  8. Hmmm, wasn’t lamebook supposed to be taking the p1ss out of the lame stuff on facebook.
    Some of the comments on here are lame AS! (Read that as anyone who’s been offended by Steve (da man) or has debated about Karen’s weight and how effective dieting is. Perlease!

  9. Maybe it was a detox diet or something, those you go off. Anyway, I could go for some kfc chips now.

  10. there’s a lot of fat people on here mad at Steve

  11. funny man . . . i am a fatty and i have to laugh

  12. I laughed, I’ll admit.

  13. Pahahahaha!

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