Monday, November 25, 2013

Nah Dude

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  1. FIRSSSSSSSST! Eat me!

  2. Congrats little grasshopper!!

  3. ^hahahahaha Kemosabe! First, second and third…all posts below this are from Fatty Fuckers!

  4. Dude is right. If she can’t spell bridges at 12 yrs old then she’s not even worth the try.

  5. Dane is right.

    If you can’t spell, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  6. This day and age, I’m surprised Josh knew how to spell “bridges” properly.

  7. First, second and third! Off to a great start with this one

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  9. ^ Ann said she would blow me for $12. The computer cord was wet, and she was shocked. So, Cheryl, in part your story was true but the truth is she earns $2,547 in a month and has open mouth sores

  10. What the FUCK happened to the comments section here? It used to be witty, good quality viewing. Now it’s just full of retards.

  11. ^I thought you were dead, you lanky, bearded, stovepipe-hat-wearing motherfucker!

  12. steever’s douche crew drove all of the funny commenters away. beatus hardly even comments anymore.

  13. Lincoln, go kill some vampires, please!

    Or call motherfucking Blade. Blade’s more badass anyway.

  14. True story. Being already partially clinically insane is the only way to survive a day on Lamebook. That, and gratuitous amounts of alcohol.

    Whatever happened to MsAnneThrope? I miss that cunt.

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  16. I’m still lurking, but under a new name now.

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