Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nasty Notes

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  1. We really need to start coming to the understanding that small, suitcase sized tactical nukes in the ghetto are not a bad thing.

  2. “the strap that ejaculates…”


  3. Jemeka, um, I’m not so sure on that one.

  4. “then work all night”, hm wonder what Jameka does for a living…

  5. Poor Barbara and her unimaginative parents. She’d fit in so much better if she changed her name to Shanalaqueefa.

  6. No gooded.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Word, I’ve seen one of those dildos that ejaculates, I think the chick said she fills it with warm water and then does her business with it. It’s the wrong consistency but I guess it works for her.

  8. Dear Khadijah: gb2 Twitter #realtalk

  9. Why, oh why, was Napalm made illegal against civilian populations…

  10. @word

    I wouldn’t risk the synthetic, stick with the organic on this one.

  11. Seriously. What the HELL was that?????

  12. If I ever donate sperm, it will be under terms that state, “No fucking ignant ho’s! Aight!”.

  13. Dukey, yeah, I googled them after reading this post. Seems there’s a lot of les porn incorporating the ejaculating strap-on. Hmmm, seems kind of weird, but as you mentioned, it must do it for some. I’ll ask my sis what her take on it is.

    Comments, absolutely.

  14. lmao@Stilton’s comment. And what sort of parent calls their child “Khadijah” ? Is it pronounced similar to Chlamydia? 😮 I hope not, imagine the confusion when she goes to the clinic. Chlamydia please. Is there Chlamydia here?

  15. Khadijah is a muslim name

  16. Get BACK you ol no gooded ass niggas…. lmfao

  17. Khadija was Muhammad’s first wife. No, not the 9 year old.

  18. First convo makes head hurt… Someone translate for me?

  19. Mecca: ‘I want baby!’
    Sabria: ‘You had better get started this year then, if you want the kid to be born in 2011. Or in the first three months of 2011 I guess, but I’m too dumb to realize this.’
    Barb: ‘I won’t go down on my lesbian partner Mecca after there’s been a *shudder* PEN!S in her privates! She’ll have to find an alternate method of being impregnated.’
    Other dyké: ‘Yes, they make applicators with which you can insert donated sperm.’
    Barb: ‘I’m just going to have some guy put it in a cup and pour it on Mecca while she’s on her back with her legs up for ten minutes.’

    — translation for xeno

  20. I have seen strippers use the ejaculating dildos, I think it is more for the viewers pleasure than the user.

  21. oh, and pouring semen into a vagina from a cup??? That has to be the most ineffective technique for impregnating someone, surely.

  22. All three of these made my brain hurt. The first made me puke in my mouth a little. I’m hoping these hoes are too dumb to impregnate themselve…

  23. IQ…..dropping….

  24. @23

    i’m even being referenced in usernames now..?

  25. @alordslums
    I will be changing my username to alordslumstalker

  26. SMH at all of them…

    I think Barbara and Mecca just made me go from bi to straight…TMI. That made me picture that in my head, now I feel so disgusted and dirty, no amount of showering will fix it. I feel like I just lost so much IQ and contracted some STDs these posts..

  27. This is why we need Mr. Fargis

  28. Apart from the bad spelling, the church one made me laugh. I swear it seems every church I know has food or snacks or whatnot esp. after services are over. Makes me rethink the whole being Catholic thing. 🙂

  29. You know a lot of the church receptions I’ve been to have had stale doughnuts too!

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