Friday, September 11, 2009

National Tragedy, 2009








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  1. Blue Oyster Cult is ALWAYS to be believed.

  2. Dear Americans,

    Get OVER it. People around the world have died from attacks that have been equally if not more brutal and where the number of victims over a period of time have run into tens of thousands. And not suprisingly, those deaths have been caused by American foreign policy. 9/11 was a monumental tradegy no doubt, but stop fretting over it like that’s the only human tragedy ever to befall this planet. Laugh at jokes made at the expense of other nations’ tragedies on your talk shows but expect the world to pay tributes to yours’.

  3. Dear Boz,
    you will need a bigger stick if you expect the 800lb gorilla to consider your advice.

  4. @96 Bravo!

  5. It has been 8 years, get the fuck over it, you talk about remembrance and not letting the lives of 3000 people go to the waste, well don’t worry it didn’t, you pretty much destroyed 2 countries, caused worldwide political unrest, religious division, created a whole new breeding ground of terrorists and killed hundred of thousands of afghans, Iraqis in exchange. Hey America, is that enough yet to stop your fucking moaning or will the 1 billion population of Muslims have to be wiped out before you stop harping on about 3000 people who died nearly a decade ago.

    The sick thing is since then there has been large numbers of tragedies, including the tsunami, Madrid bombing, London bombing, Pakistan earthquakes, bush fires, Iraq war, Afghan war and yet i never see Americans putting that in their fb statuses, hell most of them don’t even know of these events because they’re mind still hasn’t gotten over the ‘horrendous, world-altering’ tragedy that fell on their country. That’s why the world hates the pissy, arrogant Americans, if you don’t cry over 9/11, they accuse you of being an Arab,a terrorist, a traitor etc and yet they don’t even acknowledge the atrocities they have committed over the last 5 years. Hell arseholes you voted bush in twice, why don’t you moan over that tragedy for the next decade.

  6. @getoverit-

    are you kidding me!? obviously you’re not an american (i’m assuming you’re from the UK by the lingo you used). And i’m guessing you’ve never visited america. you sound like the typical european that bashes america but doesn’t know anything about the people that live here. (i really dont want to say it’s a typical european thing to do. i have visited all over europe and have never experienced anything other than great hospitality from my friends families and strangers alike.)

    not all americans talk about remembering 9/11. not all americans are blind by the tragedies that are happening in other countries. nor do we want to be in iraq or afgahnastan (a great majority of us at least). i never wanted us to be over there (btw i was in the military for the past 6 years. and know most everyone in the military doesn’t want to be in these “wars”)
    it’s just the ignorant americans who are going on and on about 9/11. and unfortunately they are the ones the rest of the world sees.

  7. Actually, by you refering to the poster as a typical european, as well as your completely ignorant statements, it furthers the worlds view on the typical red neck american. Not only has america contributed to what can only be refered to as mass genicide for oil(and nothing else), but in doing so america has fucked the economy all over the world. I am not american but I live very close to the boarder and have met far more americans than I had ever wanted. Thus, I think it’s fair to say that my conclusion that most of you are inbred hicks is fairly accurate. I mean common, how else could any of you still believe the taliban had anything to do with 9/11.

  8. I couldn’t agree more with #96, and #107.

  9. only 2,973 people died on 9/11 i dunno where people are getting the 3000+ figures from and the taliban were no way involved in it whatsoever

  10. #96 Russia played the biggest role in world war, not america. if it wasnt for russia the war would of not been won.

  11. Nobody noticed that “American” trying to show how *smart* he was (on behalf of his country) said “fucko” when he meant “fuck all”?

    The US did not win either of the World Wars. They just like to take all the credit. It’s like coming on in the last 5 minutes of a football game where the score is already in favor of your team and then claiming that you single handedly achieved the victory because you scored a TD before the end.

    Nobody can deny that the US made a significant contribution but they did not “win” the war for everybody else. They *helped* to win it. Big difference there. And the main reason that the US was able to contribute so well at the *end* of WW2 was because they hadn’t lost most of their infrastructure and personnel in WW1, since they only came in at the end of that one too.

    The US even *contributed* to the war on the wrong side at the start of it. Several US companies have been caught out having traded with the Nazis even after it was made illegal to do so, but certainly before as well.

  12. HAHAH… 9/11

    [The US gov’t slinks slowly into the shadows]

  13. Those statuses are awesome haha.
    I don’t know why everyone’s so sensitive about it (unless they directly lost someone in it). Because it happened on American soil? Yeah it was a major terrorist attack and a few thousand people died, but … how many people die on a daily, global basis? Not to mention all the countries out there that are in a seemingly permanent state of emergency. Hell even some of our own states here… some improvement programs and domestic aid could probably save hundreds of lives annually.


    Point being.
    Laugh it up, life’s too short. Plus it’s been eight years and a few months.

  14. WAIT.
    That person didn’t make a mistake – they are mourning John Ritter’s death.


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