Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Wins

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  1. You know what’s funnier than these posts? “Lamebook Legal Fund Progress”.

  2. #1 Ross, I’m not sure which is worse the fact that they jacked off in your sock or that 27 people liked it :/

    Sarah, another Justin Beiber joke? wow. cool kid.

  3. How did Ross not notice his cum filled socks when he put them on?!

  4. Naturally sweaty feet……..?

  5. @Jellica – Maybe they had dried?


  6. Even if they’d dried, you’d still notice something definitely wasn’t right… It’s nasty. Brilliant, but nasty 🙂

  7. I don’t get the Kevin one.

  8. I also don’t get the Kevin one. And the rest were shite.

  9. 1920×1080 – new screen resolution. Hilarious.

  10. Really? So they were all shite.

  11. Is it possible the Kevin one he picked up from somewhere else? Otherwise, I feel really sorry for his sense of humour, and friends if that’s what passes for funny

  12. Jizzed in his socks? Wuhhyyy?
    I imagine that night when he took his socks off he was baffled as to why his foot odor was so much more pungent than usual.

  13. You know what’s more annoying than Bieber jokes? Saying something lame followed by “…just sayn.”

  14. Wow, Kevin’s a total idiot. And jacking off into someone’s socks? That’s about as funny as the Beiber jokes.

  15. Vince, Brent, Kevin and Sarah, i like you.

    I would like to see the socks in good resolution, but not Bieber’s balls.

  16. They have been all decent posts. Why do you have to ruin the entry by the lamest possible Bieber joke?

  17. Wouldn’t his socks have been, well, a little rigid if they had been spunked in? I mean, when I change my bed sheets every six months I have to use a cricket bat to fold them enough to put in the washer.

  18. No worries Vince, Ross has his own confession about your shampoo – spoiler alert: the “extra hold” formula wasn’t why your hair seemed stiffer.

  19. vaginalroundhouse

    If it was in a white sock, it tends to stain yellow or maybe there is something wrong with my jizz.

  20. There is something wrong with your jizz.

  21. i don’t get…how does toothpaste ruin orange juice?

  22. Nees, you’ve obviously never drank it after cleaning your teeth.

  23. i can just see those boys jerking off and giggling together in the dark. “Yeah we’re jacking off together! This totally makes Ross gay! hehe ooo”

  24. Anyone else think bobbette is Keona’s new profile?

  25. Weak

  26. Kevin, you’re a bloody retard.

    @wrenchmuller yeah, Ross should have noticed that they were a bit hard and crusty. Should have…but for some reason didn’t.

    mb. I get that you think I’m some attention loving whore. I get that you think I’m average looking. (Not that I really care, these are all your words.) What I don’t get, it now, now you’re trying to figure out what my new account name is under, based on comments? Everyone has problems, and you just revealed a big one of yours.

  27. I’ve never said “attention loving whore”, that must have been someone else (or your subconcious). I wouldn’t call someone a whore just for commenting frequently on some irrelevant website.

    When you said you had a new profile set up I thought it would be mildly amusing to try and guess which one it was. (As others do for other commenters). For you it should be easy as you comments are very distinctive – which is why you attract so much attention. I would like to know what you think my problem is? I should point out that I don’t really care much about anything that happens on Lamebook other than an anthropological interest in online behaviour.

  28. Perhaps you didn’t use those exact words. But, to claim someone tries so hard to be accepted, and loved, as you put it, is to say “attention whore”, in nicer terms. My comments are easy to pick out, mainly because I comment based off my own personality and thought process. Sometimes, yes, I do “copy” (as others do) jokes styles from others, and then put it into my own words.

    Anthropological interest I online behaviour? Well then, by all means, if it’s for the greater good of science to study our individual idiocyncrasies, go for it. Normally I wouldn’t care about online opinions towards me, but if I’m being accused of things simply for being myself, then I tend to first ignore them, then ask a few questions if the former doesn’t work.

  29. I hope I don’t regret asking this, but, ok, I’ll bite. Is that really you, Keona?, as you no longer have your picture attached to your name. In addition, you said you’d created another account, so what gives?

  30. It is. I took off my picture because of yesterday’s comments, and while I did say I had created another account (which I did and still have it), I also said that it was for use only if this “hacker” for lack of a better term thing kept going. But it seems that they got it out of their systems and we can get back to being our usual lamebookers. Until someone get bored again, haha. 🙂

  31. Ouf, mb, you are boring, in this and 94 other threads today.

    Keona, don’t feed trolls. He just wants to eat your time.

  32. Alrighty then. Back to business, bitches.

  33. It’s always funny when someone ends their statements with ‘I don’t really care though, i’m just studying you all’ because it lets you know just how desperate they are.

    mb is a woman pep…an ugly, sad woman.

    Word, does this mean you just took more oxy’s and booze? This is good news.

  34. Pep, what if I put a special “treat” in with what I feed them? They can’t have my time, though. The only one who can have it, is my father, who oddly has the last name of time.

    Horrible jokes, ah it feels good to be back.

  35. She sounds so cold, a rigid ice queen with no warmth in her heart.

    Anthropologists are dark, evil people.

  36. Keona, you never actually left, but I’m just getting all technical on your ass.

    Meh, I’m just fucking around…

  37. Jonjones you will have to guess again. Anyway, I give up. Half the comments under my name today I didn’t write and I can’t be bothered going through all the posts to point out which ones I didn’t write and therefore wouldn’t bother defending.

  38. Kevin’s joke is old. I think I hate comments ending with “Just sayin” worse than “lol”.

  39. I’m Keona and so’s my wife.

  40. I have read all of the comments here and I can cheerfully confirm that i still want to put my creamy spunk on all of you.

    It makes me sad to think of you all out there, going about your day to day chores and living your lives without an oily coating of my molten baby wax.

  41. Molten baby wax…I am stealing that from you, just so you know.

  42. You don’t need to steal it, if you ask nicely i’ll give you a whole face full.

  43. I don’t want to ask nicely. By the way, my safety word is, “boomerang.”

  44. @37
    Oh, withdrawn.

    If any of us here said that it doesn’t make them sad also, they are lying.

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