Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nice Shot

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  1. one morning i went and then did the some of it but never and then when it was done i but it really never sometimes i like to but not always do the candid squirrel is eating my nuts but he didnt burp yet he did said the talking lion.

    Firts. and poop.

  2. One morning this was fake.

  3. T1000 is fake.

  4. I read the riddle and my first thought was rohypnol. Is that bad?

  5. ^no. because ‘coffin’ doesn’t make any fucking sense as the answer.
    I know of people (<-compelling evidence, stfu) who have pre-purchased their coffin in anticipation of their demise.
    Also of people who have constructed their own caskets.
    I have also internet-witnessed retarded attention-whore gothy/vampire types who claim to have converted the fucking things to beds, coffee tables and cat litter trays, but now I’m just making shit up. No one should read this bullshit anyways.

  6. “EnigmaTavern?”

  7. MsAnne, THE party location at every campsite during the rally was in front the awesomely tricked-out hearse. They’d also converted a coffin into an esky / amp and speakers.

    Apropos of nothing in the original post, but sometimes attention whoring with coffins results in a whole lot of win.

    As you were.

  8. *of

  9. coffin is the correct answer, despite any objections my various misanthropes.

  10. no. it isn’t.

  11. Understand something, MissThrowup, I’m not the guy who is trying to persuade you…I’m the guy who is telling you how it is. You can choose to believe it or not, but your belief is irrelevant to the truth in this matter. You would have an easier time claiming that George Washington was not the first president of the USA.

    Basically, if you dispute my factual statement, you hate America.

  12. yeah, eat my shit.
    fyi, pal – everyone hates america.
    look it up.

    the answer isn’t coffin, but you are a fuckwit.
    so it all balances, nig.

  13. if the answer isn’t coffin, then surely you know what it is?

    surprisingly, you’ve yet to dazzle us with your acumen…perhaps reading your blog will help (doubtful), although your pics are very popular.

  14. It’s a riddle Willky, the answer is anything that fits. ‘Thrope has written a very convincing paragraph on why coffin doesn’t work. Where’s your argument?

  15. ^do you really wanna cringe your way through that, frankenstein?

  16. I do actually. It’s like watching the first few ep’s of Idol: horrifying, hilarious, occasionally dull, schadenfreude-ic. What more do you want?

  17. The first few ep’s of Dexter. with the blood and the screaming.

  18. #14, there is this new thing out called google. basically, the way it works is you type in some text and it matches it up with other “webpages” that have the identical string. my argument consists of the results obtained by typing the riddle into goggle.

  19. ^there’s this old thing called ‘imagination’. Use it or lose it.

    And to be pedantic: all i could get from goggle was a chance to win an iphone or ipad.. not sure how constitutes an argument.

  20. *how that
    (damn it)

  21. George H. W. Bush masturbated in a coffin.

  22. #19 it sounds like you didn’t follow those instructions on #18 if you ended up with a chance to win a prize…try it again and don’t get discouraged, the internets are very difficult

  23. Dawn of the Dan

    MsAnne is correct, the answer is SUPPOSED to be coffin, but that’s idiotic for the reasons he stated.

    “The person who buys it never uses it?”

    They’re fucking using it to bury their dead loved one.

  24. For all the reasons listed by MissAnne and Dawn of the Dan, roofies is the only acceptable answer. Although, even in that case, the buyer is still technically using it to commit rape. So maybe there is no answer at all.

  25. Nappies fits. (baby nappies not adult ones- unless that adult also has dementia).

    Imagination 1, “goggle” 0. Suck it, Willky.

  26. #21, Who DOESN’T masturbate in coffins? That’s the best place, because no one will suspect you’re there, and who’s going to mind?

  27. The best part is that none of those people will get the drink unless they actually are of the first five to show up at the bar and give the answer. So, what they’ve really done is given a leg-up to anyone who didn’t know what the answer was supposed to be, reads their comments, then beats them to the bar.

    but, that’s just my observation

  28. The problem with all the the answers is the first sentence. “The person who makes it, sells it.” This is not the case with coffins, they are mass produced not individually made as they were hundreds of years ago. Rohypnol is made by Hoffman-Laroche a company and certainly the people in the lab manufacturing it are not the ones selling it. Same with “nappies” as well.

  29. so the answer is that the promotions manager is a bit fucking stupid?

  30. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Why are people on Facebook while they’re in bar? Facebook, like Lamebook, is for when you’re at work.

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