Friday, November 4, 2011

No Disrespect…

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  1. Ben

  2. Lots of disrespect to those who join the military, because those military boys have it all twisted. 236 years of raping and murdering civilians and torturing prisoners while acting as mafia-style enforcers for the US government and its ultra-rich corporations.

  3. mad2physicist… is it really the fault of the people who grew up on a diet of patriotism, guns and glory if they believed the lies and really did join up with the best of intentions ie. they thought they were keeping their country free?

    because that ain’t just twisted, it’s a crime against an entire generation.

  4. I’m still waiting for something funny here. Though I suspect lamebook posted it hoping Mandy’s still around and someone’ll start a debate on the military

    Ah well… I just can’t bring myself to troll and disrespect soldiers. They’re like retards, you can’t touch them.

  5. Wait, I was in the military for four years, are you telling me I missed out on all the raping and mudering of civilians? Man the stuff they hid from me! Nobody thinks I can keep a secret, I totally can!

  6. wow. hey moron, er i mean mad2physist, are you stupid or did you fall and hit your head? did you know that this country was born out of war? dont get me wrong, i am no militant patriot. i actual love my country but i fear my government but your statement is by far the dumbest thing i ever read. mafia-style? really? research is your friend. to know your enemy is the first step to defeating them

  7. vaginalroundhouse

    Like say…….North Vietnam?

  8. Yeah, unfortunately born out of war. Poor natives. Thats all Im saying though. I find having serious debates on here a bit cheesy. To each their own.

  9. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    All human beings act in what they perceive to be their own best interests, whether it be at the expense of others or not. Word.

  10. Anne, I have a friend in the military who joined with the best of intentions. But intentionally or not, he is supporting the evils of the military industrial complex, Guantanamo Bay, and shooting Reuters reporters for sport.
    Shtihl, I’m not against violence and war. Both may be used for good. However, they are rarely used for good in the hands of governments. My apologies for not writing a 500 page paper studying historical good and bad uses of the US military. There were good uses, does that make you feel better? Forgive me that in my one-sentence parody I couldn’t get into the nuances of the situation. I’ll rewrite it just for you.

    ‘Lots of disrespect to a large percentage of those who join the military, because they’ve got it twisted. While historically they have accomplished many good things, they are at present primarily the militant enforcers for the military-industrial complex that controls this country. Furthermore, there are numerous human-rights violations which have been documented and which every soldier has in some way supported through their compliance with the system. Most people joining the military also fail to truly consider the ethical ramifications of their actions, and just join out of a sense of nationalistic pride. Finally, I believe it is dangerous to say “Yes, I’ll kill that person!” just because some politician tells you to.’ Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

    I disagree with Chalk’s cynicism. Altruism does happen.

  11. PS Yes Shtihl, I realize the US was born from war, and I use that example frequently in arguing that violence is often more effective than peaceful protest, inasmuch as the colonists spent years bringing their grievances to King George with no result. Likewise, the French did not do away with their monarchy by holding up signs saying ‘Nous sont les 99%!’

  12. “Altruism does happen”
    As does shit.

    Isn’t it nice how life balances out?

    Kiss and make out, now…

  13. This country wasn’t founded on war. It was a search for religious freedom from the church of england. Unfortunately, it went as far as war to accomplish such a goal. For all the christians out there, thank your veterans for dying for your religious freedom. For all the athiests out there, thank your veterans for dying for your right to choose not to believe in a deity. If you have a problem with religious freedom, you might want to remind yourself of Germany in the 1930’s…I think your appreciate our way a little more.

  14. Some people have too much time on their hands,stop eating up precious spaces here in the comment section. I’m here for the lulz,and i think the majority of people on this website.

  15. @plfirffe, stop spreading lies on the internet.

    A summary of American history:
    The first “successful” English colony in America was Jamestown. Jamestown had NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. Rather, Jamestown was founded for the 100% purpose of making a profit under the Charter for the Virgina Company of London. War quickly ensued as Jamestown was a trespass onto lands of the Indians in Virgina. English soldiers eventually defeated the Indians after several wars, but surely Jamestown, Virgina, and American were founded on wars of aggression and English imperialism. As an aside, Jamestown also introduced slavery into America.
    Shortly after Jamestown (around 1630) a distinct colony was formed farther North, and was largely settled by Puritan looking to escape religious prosecution. Puritans paid Indians for some land, but also took land without payment or permission. This led to King Phillip’s War. So yet another war marking the birth of America, and yet another war marked by aggression and English imperialism.

    Do not kid yourself, America is a great place to live, largely because it inherited democracy and capitalism from England. But, American also inherited a strong imperialistic tendency from England. This imperialistic tendency is at odds with its democratic ideals and results in a kind of schizophrenia, people that are citizens are treated well, but people that are adversaries are treated very poorly. Recognizing this is the first step in making the country better.

  16. LOL and here comes hamhocksnbeans after my comment.

  17. Yodawg may wish to ignore this remark.

    Wait a second, plriffrerlrel, you’re saying you wish that they hadn’t gone to war for freedom? As you say ‘unfortunately…’
    BTW the Revolution had nothing to do with religious freedoms. It was primarily over unfair taxation that was being used to benefit the fat cat English capitalists. As to the rest of American history hamhocks appears to have succinctly summarized it.
    The only real ‘religious freedom seekers’ were the Puritans. But of course their first move was to establish their colony to have no freedom of religion whatsoever, since they required that you be a puritan to live there.

  18. Eureka! The perceptive, enlightening comments I’ve read here have just completely changed my view of humanity. It’s an epiphany!
    Now can I have something funny?

  19. vaginalroundhouse

    Who wants to see my vagina?

  20. The first sensible thing anyone has said… YES PLEASE!!!!!

  21. Epic argument

  22. I was not disappointed. Thank you

  23. ”No disrespect” to those idiots, but if liking the same band is a brotherhood, then all sex is symbolic incest.

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