Thursday, November 3, 2011


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  1. Dean sounds like one annoying asshole. I hope the pizza delivery person let him know the pizza was present by a rock through the window.

  2. slicingupeyeballs

    Dean thinks he is being funny. Dean is wrong.

    I would deliver said pizza, and sing as I arrive, letting Dean think he is awesome. But only I would know he was about to eat something I had rubbed a homeless person’s dick on…

  3. this is why self posting to lamebook should be stopped.

  4. Oh come on. It’s funny. Quitcher yappin’.

  5. he could have atleast made him do something embaressing. singing a song that doesn’t even invole a profanity or a body part is just super duper lame.

  6. I’m sure Dean’s pizza was delivered and contained a very special sauce.

  7. Sorry Dean,if you’re aiming for the funny,you missed BADLY . And mad2psychist is right, Dean sounds like one annoying asshole like him.

  8. he should really recharge his phone

  9. Weirdly enough guys i just found out about this website, and that someone else posted it here.
    Not that i need to explain myself but my mates manage the store that i sent this to and i always send them something to do when they deliver my pizza.

    Stop the bitching, you will never be this funny.

    Kinda wish i made the order 9 minutes earlier though right? 😉

  10. There’s nothing I like better than demeaning people who have shitty jobs. Ordering Dominoes pizza at 5:00pm notwithstanding, Dean is obviously a winner at the game of life. He is The Noid of pizza customers.

  11. Oh, wow.
    Never thought I’d see a post from Armidale.
    I’m trying to think how many ‘Deans’ I know from uni.
    Thankfully, there’s none at my college. We have a better sense of humour, I think 🙂
    Austin or a school kid?

  12. And I fail also, because you obviously don’t live at college. I just looked at the picture again.

    Still… you have to be a uni kid right? Uni humour.

    And I actually do find it mildly funny, now you’ve explained the circumstance.

  13. Why is Austin so bad? I mean they always get the most claps on performance night right?
    D&S ’07 baby.

  14. It’s good natured- the kind of thing that if someone said or did and I was sitting near them I wouldn’t slepp them in the face with my dick.

    But funny? Nah, nah… I really don’t think so.

  15. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    This is objectively unfunny. That’s proven by science. Dean might as well change his name to Chad.

  16. Dean should change his name to Cool mother fucker

  17. Think about any Dean you’ve ever met–they always look like JC Penney models. Dean is used to living in a bubble where everything he says is laughed at because of his looks and affluence. But in the cyber world where no one sees him, he’s boring and ordinary. See how he isn’t even upset when others crap on him here. His mind won’t let him believe it’s even happening. Go easy on Dean. The transition, the shock, could actually kill him.

  18. Why torture the employees at a store that your mate manages? I could understand playing jokes on the manager in that case but not some random employee.
    It’s true that I’ll never be as funny as Dean, since Dean’s ‘Funny Quotient’ is negative infinity and the rest of us are all funnier than that.

  19. ??????

    Shouldn’t it read: “YOU need a pizza, a pizza a pizza is what YOU need!” ?

  20. haha, you “just found out about this website?” were you googling lame dean pizza order?

  21. Dean’s from Armidale, therefore, no homeless people, and no chance of being called Chad.

  22. Good call on Austin, I suppose.

    dakpainter nailed the bubble thing though. D&S… (:

  23. Is it that hard to sing a little ditty as you deliver a pizza? Quit whining you SOBS. Ukrainians never gave me this much lip.

  24. sfgiantsfan921

    I’d sing it my entertaining best and maybe he’d tip big for the effort. But I would indeed change it to “You need a pizza…” etc.

  25. sfgiantsfan921

    And yes I am aware that I am commenting in a thread that stopped eight months ago, I’ve just never been to this site before and have spent three hours here already, sigh…

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