Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Words…

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  1. Her name says it all…

  2. That’s the first thought that came to my mind. Touché.

  3. 3rd!!! :DD:D: Guess what ladies and guys … I LOVE DESTROYING ANUS!

  4. I bet good ol’ Abe loved to fuck some ass back in the day. I hear he loved DESTROYING ANUS just as much as me! I AM THE ANAL DESTROYER! HAHAHHAHA FUCK THE JEWS!

  5. May be her last name is “Meth”!

  6. Reeducate?

    I read that and thought it was a bloke til I saw the name.

  7. Obviously in the same place when they taught English and grammar!

  8. fuck you krystle.

  9. necrophiliac64258

    American school system. I’m from New Zealand and I bet that I could name more presidents than the retarded youth of America today.

  10. There are 64257 other necrophiliacs on lamebook that you had to take a number? I reckon there’s 38 presidents hoping you don’t get a shovel for Christmas.

  11. I hope necro…. and devoyage don’t start world war 3.

  12. It’s not American school system’s fault. It’s the fucking parents’ fault. Kids can’t learn if their parents don’t give a shit. But keep on blaming others when your kid is a stupid asshat.

  13. ^ I totally agree and its one of the downfalls of the system we have in place.

  14. @12: You’re right, it’s not the American school system’s fault. Yanks are so intrinsically stupid even the best education system in the world would fail them. What’s that phrase? Oh yeah … you can’t polish a turd.

  15. Oh STFU #14, change the record with the anti-Americanism. Firstly I should say I’m a Brit, not a Yank, but I’m so sick of the bandwagon hating on Americans. If they’re so stupid, then for starters stop frequenting this American run website, let alone using Facebook/Yahoo/eBay/Google. The Americans have done a lot more for you than you have for them, you America hating SHEEP.

  16. Why the hell do people, from whatever country, keep blaming the system? The system is made up of the people. If the people were smarter than the system would be better. Well, at least that’s how it works in the USA but you keep following your ruler because they know all.

    P.S. Notice I managed to use proper grammar, polish that!

  17. Also, I would to send Simon Cowell back. We don’t need him.

  18. ^We don’t want him either, you can keep him.

  19. Maybe the “Mericans” can send him back to Africa with the coloreds.

  20. What makes me sad is that Krystle probably has more value to society than ANAL-DESTROYER.

  21. Is this the same Lincoln that killed all those vampires?

  22. Every teacher that has ever had Krystle as a student should be fired. Clearly none of them did their job.

  23. ^ You can’t get blood from a turnip.

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