Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not My Type

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  1. I don’t see a run-on sentence.

  2. Or a hyphen in “run on,” for that matter. Somebody went to Kirkwood!

  3. Maybe just redundant? After “clean and clear path” it’s not really necessary to say “with nothing directly in front of it”.

  4. It took me a few reads to understand Valerie one. Well, if they are so wonderful, pleasuring them shouldn’t be that bad…

    About the last one, many people didn’t go to school, that’s why they work moving the furniture or whatever. Reminding them about it cruel.

  5. Ah well, ironically I forgot a word. “Reminding them about it IS cruel.”

  6. I’m totally for her getting bangd.

  7. Mella show some respect! If your mum wants to hear what we think about her getting skewered then that’s her god given right!

    Personally though Synn i wouldn’t put my runny nosed python anywhere near your fox box until you get that fucking fringe sorted.

  8. It wasn’t redundant *or* a run-on sentence; a clear path to the furnace is not the same thing as easy access to the furnace.

    Regardless, whoever did those “corrections” was just hunting for something, and was probably perturbed when the middle chunk of the note was grammatically fine.

  9. I’m a Grammar Nazi myself, but it sounds like the last note was written by someone whose first language is not English. Therefore, the corrector is a douche.

  10. Imamofo …. wtf! You shock me more everytime I see you lol.

  11. @curlybap: It’s when you CAN’T see me that i’m at my most shocking.

    Picture me creeping up behind you on a dark scary night, with my Tazer in one hand ready to deliver my ‘chat-up line’. Shocking!

  12. My innocent little ears can’t take much more 😉

  13. bored!

  14. The corrector was definitely being a douche…I mean if my roomies left me a nasty letter THAT I would be a douche and correct and Facebook that shit, but that, like Dasher said, seemed to be an ESL note. Douchey McDoucherson.

  15. I’m also betting the corrector took the photo themselves and posted it, making it even douchier.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Probably a picture without a shirt on and playing a guitar while correcting the note, Doucheus Maximus.

  17. lol Dukey stop day dreaming 😛

  18. Frankly getting banged is a much better idea than getting bangs.

  19. Curlybap, may I ask what a bap is? Just wondering……

  20. “make sure there is a clean and clear path to the furnace with nothing directly in front of it” is not a run-on sentence.

    i should know, i’m only on lamebook to avoid writing a book report on a book about grammar.

  21. I gotta admit that I’m not a big fan of playing the guitar shirtless, it’s cold against the skin 🙁

    Valerie on the other hand must be unbearable to work with, so her coworkers require a pleasure tax in order to be in the same building.

  22. Looks like class discrimination is still alive and well.

  23. @19 – it means head. Curlybap, gingerbap, alright don’t lose your bap ….. that usually comes after calling someone gingerbap.

  24. Ah caty, is there anything better than people who make grammatical mistakes while trying to correct other people? Capitalise at the start of new sentences, and good luck with the book report.

  25. Paint_my_nails_please

    What’s kirkwood?

  26. Isn’t anybody else annoyed with the active and passive voice problem in that note? The Corrector made it even worse than it was to begin with.

  27. @25 I’m assuming some backwoods/ back water boondocks/ BFE collage… also the name of my street. What’s up with that..

    Mella, you’re being too mellow.

  28. I think it’s referring to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  29. @raynebow I was thinking the same thing since I live in Iowa.

  30. Nooo College Park and Kirkwood are neighborhoods in Atlanta. They aren’t the richest parts of town…

  31. No, iyaa, I believe raynebow is correct. Kirkwood Community College has a very popular apartment complex, with several buildings called “College Park Apartments” (hence the apartment maintenance). It is also one of the most popular community colleges in Iowa because it is a well known “Party School”. From what I’ve experienced with visiting my sister there on numerous occasions, they aren’t very bright.

  32. @raynebow, @ksleeve, and @Twolly are definitely right. Thanks for this bright interpretation of Iowa, Collage Park Maintenance Staff.

  33. Thank you, vabadus, was also having trouble with that one. I just kept assuming it said ‘the’ instead of ‘to’.

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