Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not My Type

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  1. Fake.

  2. That whole entire group of OPs needs to be wiped out. It would be better for all.

  3. I fucked Kimberly. She’s fat.

  4. Kimberly derp derp derp.

  5. Ugh. I hate it when people with my name do stupid shit.

  6. Okay, Kimberly. That was embarrassing. But she’s right about those damn retards who hear or say a joke and instead of laughing they literally say “lol”. No… Stop it.

  7. No, Kimberly, you cannot get Aman. Even if you manage to LOL at all of his jokes.

  8. Everyone says that about how the younger generation is failing, and they’ve always said that, and will always say it.

  9. the young are idiots.

  10. , the old are crippled 🙂

  11. Ya know who else are crippled?

  12. cerebral palsy sufferers?

  13. thalidomide victims?

  14. congolese rape survivors who have had both hands and their tits cut off?

  15. am I doing funneh right?

  16. No. Cerebral palsy is never funny.

  17. you make Steady Eddy cry 🙁

  18. timmy! Timeh? Timma! Timmy timmeh timeh! T…tim..eh?

  19. All very good guesses, Anne but I’m afraid the answer I was looking for is ‘ filthy pirates’.

  20. what, emotionally crippled?

  21. This comment section was funny.
    Like Michael J. Fox, funny.

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