Monday, July 5, 2010

Not OK Cupid

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  1. Fucking STEVER!

  2. Holy shit, Grand Rapids, Michigan? I love that place. Maybe I know these guys. Not that I’d want to. Maybe my fiancee knows ’em.
    I kinda hope not.

  3. Maybe I’ll give him a call.

    …I feel lonely in this post.

  4. krasivaya_devushka

    Are you talking to yourself?

    Steve is a jerk!

  5. Definitely not. There was, uh… somebody else here, but they left just before you came in. Like, just before.

    Oh wow, his name’s Steve, I didn’t notice that. That was definitely what I was referencing with my first comment, not that crazy troll guy who gave up way too easy.

  6. Steve got what he deserved.

  7. Also I love that they blocked his last name, but searching ‘Steve, 20, Grand Rapids’ on OKCupid or Facebook and looking for that picture but with slightly clearer eyes would give you that name in seconds.

    Nobody do that.
    I’m looking at you, GazzaT.

  8. British, do we need an intervention? Talking to yourself can make people think your crazy.

  9. Awesome move by Sasha. She should definitely leave that link up. Only way it would’ve been better is if she had tagged Steve in that status so that everyone who frequents his wall would see it.

  10. MsBuzzkillington


    I tried searching for Steve on facebook and I didn’t have any luck.

  11. Dangit, my paranoid ramblings aren’t even factually correct.

  12. Ugh, he reminds me of my ex bf…

  13. My ex-husband did the same thing when we were married. I thought it was me. Nope, he’s doing this behind his current wife’s back, too.

  14. Don’t worry, BritishHobo, I haven’t given up. Just on vacation from work so I am not at my computer all day for the rest of the week. I’ll be back soon!

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I will say it again, “FUCK MONOGAMY”. That being said, if you are going to agree to a committed relationship, at least have the decency to pretend she is the only girl that gives you a boner.

  16. Steeeever! 😀

  17. For a split second i had some sympathy for Steve with his comment…and then it went away.

  18. dan_fargis_is_a_f_a_g

    Dan_fargis might like to have some cas sex with Sasha’s ex. Where has he been, anyway??

  19. Chinchillazilla

    What a dick.

  20. vaginaldryness


    It won’t link that. Anyways, enjoy.

  21. He didn’t ever paid for the fuck-free announcement…

  22. *even

  23. I want Steve to come on here and yell at us.

  24. You reckon she was searching the site for a new playmate when she found him? That would be a funny argument…

  25. @BritishHobo: Are there any Lamebook posts that you HAVEN’T commented on? Just wondering really.. I can’t imagine how much of your time Lamebook must consume.

    Anywho, thanks for the bonus entertainment.

  26. who the fuck names their kid Timberly????

  27. @25 You must just be dropping by, but this site has a lot of faithful followers.

    Also, Steve totally deserved it and I would definitely NOT take it down if I was Sasha.

  28. the poor bastard’s back up plan ain’t workin so well.

  29. Prostituting your ex-boyfriend out for casual sex? Sounds to me like Sasha hasn’t read her Bible recently. If she had, she would know that her actions are going to lead her to a very bad place. A very HOT place, if you catch my drift.

    Steve should stop trying to wet his penis in the vaginal canals of the trollops he meets on the internet and get himself to church.

  30. @ dan

    Jeebus might forgive Steve but Sasha won’t

  31. Firstly – what the fuck kind of name is timberley?

    secondly – dan_fargus…. Please go make a windchime out of yourself

  32. Tiffuhknee: First off, love the name. Second… I dunno. I might have commented on every one 😛 Doesn’t take up a LOT of time though. There’s usually only like, two or three a day. So I usually just come on in te evening and comment on the new ones.

  33. Also dan_fargis is awesome.

  34. Walter Sobchak

    Hobo, I thought you were a Ben-head, or at least anti-Stever?

    It’s pretty funny that stever ONLY ever comments on the stever. It’s almost like a good version of dan, or a perfected version of malteaser. Having said that, he’ll probably fuck it up now.

  35. Stever is not Ben and never will be. That said.

  36. Nah, I kinda like Stever. His determination inspires me.

  37. in my quest to find steven on okcupid, i am finding a lot of worthy submissions to “lamecupid”. namely:

  38. ok that guy is super creepy. but as i was reading i thought well at least he’s semi decent looking so maybe he gets away with it. then I looked at his other pictures…

  39. Sasha’s friend is named Timberly. That’s fascinating.

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