Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Quite Right…

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    First! I love hearts of cum

  2. ^I will break your heart with the amount of love I put in it

  3. Sweet tummy tat. It really screams,”Hey! Look! I’m fat!”

  4. Really? you call her fat? seriously? she’s got maybe five to ten lbs of extra weight and that’s fat? Jesus Christ. The picture itself is ridiculous..but willie, I’d like to see your zero percent body fat bod. pretty please?

  5. Hey Frankie, WillieNelson doesn’t need to be not fat to call someone fat. Bottom line, that girl is 10+ lbs over the correct weight to be posing in her bathingsuit for a picture like that.

    She’s not obese, but some people have this thing called common decency

  6. My guess is she is pregnant, and even then you wish your girlfriend looked like that in a bathing suit. What? You don’t have a girl friend. Shoulda known.

  7. Girls should be encouraged/asked/forced to take many or all of their clothes off once people have judged to be attractive enough, they shouldn’t flash it about to anyone and everyone on facebook without prior permission from the appropriate male.

    This isn’t sexist, its tradition: in the same way a man proposes to a girl, and then she goes and tries wedding dresses, not the other way around.

  8. tldr: she is fat, and she should therefore cover up.

    and Weston: anal sex. Oh sorry I mean good one! (Those words are quite easily mixed up…)

  9. strangerdanger06

    That is not a pregnant belly. The weight would be mostly at the bottom of the belly, and she wouldn’t have the muffin top to match. I’m not say she’s a whale, but she needs to cover up.

  10. She’s fat. Period. Are there fatter girls on Facebook posing in less clothing? Yes. And if I ever have to see those pictures, I’ll call them fat as well. Point is, if you’re comfortable enough with your body to pose like this for all to see, congrats. That’s an admirable trait. But you better be okay with the responses you get, cuz this is America. First Amendment, bitches.

  11. You think that’s fat? Seriously? Wow, you must be a freaking twig with no curves. She looks like she’s maybe 5 lbs overweight. I’d love to see the way you’s look. Grow up you 90 lb anorexic superficial little girls.

  12. I love how all these folks, most likely men, feel the need and the RIGHT to body police a stranger. A woman’s body isn’t public property, no matter how much of it she chooses to reveal.

  13. vaginalroundhouse


  14. vaginalroundhouse

    Women’s bodies are public property. They choose to show them off all the time they better prepared for some harsh critique.

    Frankie, it is impossible to zero percent body fat.

  15. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    um….i wouldn’t say she’s fat. she’s not, at all. she’s a little over weight, and i don’t think that’s attractive…she should definitely cover up. and if she’s gonna post a picture of herself in a bathing suit with her flabs of skin hanging over he bottoms, then she should be able to take the judging. p.s…’mrsf’, i have a girlfriend, and she’s hot as hell. what’s that got to do with anything?

  16. Ladies and Gentlemen, please don’t feed the trolls. They get all bloaty after they feed on human emotions (mostly anger/outrage).

    Also, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but nobody wants to hear about yours.

    Also also, “fat” is a very ambiguous adjective, so calm the hell down.


  17. And you’ve gotta love the pink ‘paint’ mark by the word cum on the last one.

    Seriously, what the fuck is that supposed to be? Is she dating a Twilight Vampire with pink man juice? Or does he just eat a LOT of shrimp?

  18. That guy looks like a real douchebag with his hat all cocked. Let me explain something to all you douchebags: the brim of your ballcap points straight ahead, north/south. If you must, for some practical reason (not to arm-wrestle, you can turn it around so the peak faces the other way. Anything else make you a fucking degenerate asshole.

  19. Confusing words in writing that sound similar when they are spoken DEFINITELY makes sense.

  20. She is a little overweight, but he is ugly as hell. That is BETTER than he could have hoped for. You know what? he looks fat too. They are fat and stupid; I mock them eternally; and they can’t do jack shit to me because i did not post stupid sheeite on FB. Sweet.

  21. She’s not fat. If her shorts were not so tight, you wouldn’t even see that she has a little bit of extra weight. The picture is still really stupid though.

  22. She’s not fat, she’s chubby. Either way, I give that relationship 3 more months until she’s pregnant.

  23. She’s not overweight she’s just out of shape. Her stomach looks like mine (which I’m desperately working to get rid of) and I’m 5’7 140 pounds, which is 20 pounds away from being overweight for my height. That being said, I cover that shit up and would never inflict such horrible images on the Facebook world. Bitches need to have some decency. You don’t post bikini pics if your stomach isn’t flat. Shit, you shouldn’t even wear a bikini if your stomach isn’t flat!

  24. dude, no one gives a shit about how subconscious you are about your body. There are people shorter than you that weigh the same amount but didn’t post it on here. If that girl is comfortable with herself then let her take her pictures. Yea, this is trashy and hilarious but you don’t need to take a stab at her bc of her body. thats such a typical bitchy girl thing to do.

  25. Wow, I kind of feel bad for Mel V. Is she bulimic? She seems to have serious body issues.

  26. Jessica, I think you mean self conscious, not subconscious.

    Who really gives a shit, either way? She got herself posted in Lamebook, for crying out loud, and people are defending her chub.
    That’s fucking hilarious.

  27. idrinkyourmilkshake

    If she stops taking pictures of herself then who are we all going to laugh at? The girls arguing that this girl isn’t fat –are fat too.

  28. idrinkyourmilkshake

    PS I like you Space Toast

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