Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not Quite Right

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  1. Firrrssst11111!!!!! Haha lol 🙂 🙂

  2. Obama and T1000 are fake.

  3. i think God kinda hatea obamma buzz hes black but i m still kinda scarred of him 🙁 🙁 🙁 !!!!!!

  4. ^ You received scars from the fisting, huh?

    Scunt, go easy on the Toonces1000. He can be a bit sensitive.

  5. “i got one like!!! i better upload a screen shot to lamebook, because i’ve been verified hilarious by my one friend.”

    -whoever uploaded the obama thing…

  6. I loves me a romantic like Dustin! Dick sucking in the rain, romantic finger banging in the movie theatre. Oh and some anal after a nice long walk on the beach.

  7. Fake.

  8. I fucked Maria in the rain. Suck it, Dustin.

  9. modern.warfare.chick

    My dad had sex with you 9. He says you were shit, sorry babes

  10. Your father’s asshole was quite loose and pleasing. I am not concerned with his expierence.

  11. modern.warfare.chick

    you bitch! you told him that you loved him (when he held you while you cried tears of satisfaction after he anal fisted you)

  12. Robots cannot cry. Your father is a liar.

  13. modern.warfare.chick

    Daddy wouldn’t lie! you must be malfunctioning

  14. The illiterate leading the illiterate. Rapping has two r’s does it?

  15. ^ Rrapping.

  16. carlosspicyweiner

    Actually it has a silent c

  17. It depends on how hard you rape…

  18. All the haters on Obama. Just because he is better at basketball than them.

  19. carlosspicyweiner

    Didn’t obongo get cut from his high school team?

  20. Sad bastards.

  21. I wish my ex could see this. She could never spell any words write, write letters straight, or grab pens correctly. She even screwed up multiple resumes and applications. But she did have a few liabilities. One problem was that the whole left side of her skull had been smashed in by my hammer after I found her eating my Hershey’s bubbly chocolate. She suffered major brain damage and was hospitalized for months. She also had dyslexia, diabetes, and a rare case of early Alzheimer’s in her 30s. Oh well, i dumped that lazy woman for my lover in the spring of ’01. I’ve never felt better.

  22. ^ God, I hate you so much.
    Oh, and it’s *right.

  23. ^You do realise that by doing what you are now, you’re encouraging (feeding) these halfwit trolls that you so evidently profess to hate?

  24. What’s a ‘troll’?

  25. @23: Yes. Besides “don’t feed the trolls,” I also seem to have trouble with, “don’t knock on the glass, because the retards will lick it harder.” But GoodGodDamn, if that isn’t SO MUCH FUN!

  26. #24…ever watched Shrek?

  27. ^ Don’t feed the trolls. 😉

  28. ^ But feel free to feed the ogres.

  29. you failing at life again, notatroll?
    try and spice it up a bit this time, eh love? you were balls-out boring last time you came around here attempting to shoot off that purty lil’ mouth.

  30. #27, well I quite enjoy them, not because they are in the least bit funny or anything, but coz of the effect they have on some people here, not mentioning any names.

    #29 Still suffering from that bout of butthurt? A doctor friend told me you should apply unscented aqueous cream and crushed jalapeno to the affected area twice a day and it should disappear in a day or two. Let me know how it goes ey mate:-)

  31. You might have been given that advice for a very good reason, kiddo.
    did you ever think that maybe you simply admitting that ‘a doctor friend’ told you to do that might make you look a bit of a fucking gimp?
    don’t think I’m stupid enough to try that bullshit. that bullshit was told to YOU.

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