Friday, May 4, 2012

Not So Bright

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  1. She should skip the mouse and buy hysterectomy surgery.

  2. Serious candidate for “Let me just stick the tip in” (REEEAMMMM)

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That girl is a fucking dimwit. She doesn’t look that fat though.

  4. That girl is fake.

  5. For once I hope T1000 is right.

  6. If this is real, we all die.

  7. i remember some tech support rant from back in the bloody 90s with credit cards being crammed into pcs.
    i suspect laura is going to fall for a 419 scam next week.
    someone should go to her house and offer her a free breast cancer exam, too.

  8. Someone earlier said her computer only accepts round credit cards, I think it was on Lamebook. How did these people finish high school?

  9. ^Obv. the same way most wenches crawl to the top (or in this case, finish school)…on their knees.

  10. Worrying thing is, next year she’ll have an engineering degree…

  11. …which she wont ever use for her job at starbucks.

  12. I suspect laura’s friends are only friends with her so they have someone to fuck with.

  13. i dunno, i find it pretty difficult to believe anyone could really be that stupid.
    i’m with T1000 on this one. fake as.

  14. Oh, trust me, there are plenty of stupid people around. I knew a guy, he came to class one day completely amazed with the information he learned the night before while watching a documentary on tv. I’d give him props for watching an educational historic documentary, except the new fact he’d learned was that Hitler was a Nazi.

  15. oh god i hope you’re not serious.
    was he ‘put down’?

  16. hitler was a nazi? when did this happen??

  17. Dead serious. Most people just laughed at him, we all knew he was stupid. Although I was kind of concerned that the people who weren’t laughing hadn’t known that before, either. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me, given the amount of stupidity I’ve had to deal with there.
    Anyway, I’m pretty sure he went to juvie. So… That’s probably the best for everyone.

  18. give some of the folks that didn’t laugh a bit more credit, i reckon. i think if i’d been there i may have been one of them, my mouth would potentially have been open in a most stupefied manner with a look of utter shock on my face.
    whilst this could potentially be mistaken for rampant stupidity of a magnitude similar to your guy, in fact it would simply be total fucking amazement that someone had managed to get through their childhood without learning some basic world history.
    but i also may have just laughed my arse off alongside you all.

  19. Stupidity no longer shocks me. A friend didn’t believe me when I tried to explain to her that there was, in fact, more than one solar system in the universe. She also refused to believe that the sun was a star. Another girl I knew blew on the exhaust pipe to a car because someone jokingly told her that the car was overheating and that was the way to fix it. Stupidity knows no bounds.

  20. I hope she put her lips to the exhaust and fucking blistered them.
    Pain, punishment and ridicule are the best methods of training stupid people. If those methods fail, next comes extermination.

  21. Oh, I wish they were just in shock. But these are the same people that call me stupid when they don’t catch my blatant sarcasm.
    And, I honestly don’t understand how so many people survive long enough to reproduce if there are so many idiots out there.

  22. ^ Welfare.

  23. But man, I’m not even talking about money. I’m surprised they’re not sticking forks in toasters.
    But then, I guess that wouldn’t kill you, would it?

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