Friday, May 4, 2012



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  1. velocirrobeeeeerrr…!

    I feel like such a virgin.

  2. Also, good job blurring out the names…

  3. Captain America was a terrible movie…

  4. Wait… seriously… (sniff) … oh crap I think I almost pissed myself… wait… Carlton?

    Carlton? I mean seriously (woops, some pee pee escaped). You took a picture of yourself in full Star Wars Imperial uniform and then… no fuck and then… let’s just stop at that.


    I mean seriously, dude!

    Now to fuck with you a little more considering I am sure you self-submitted and are hitting refresh vociferously to see how cool you are…

    Darth Vader is looking out of the screen at my left shoulder. Your pathetic costumed ass should either be facing him (fail) or you should have found a shot where Darth Fucking-Awesome-Pants is facing your lame ass attempt at Internet significance.

    Fuck you, fuck off and buy a fucking life.

  5. Oh, steeeeever.

  6. Dawn of the Dan

    That’s a screenshot from the movie, you fucking dumbfuck.

  7. Stubbyholder

    I actually went to the trouble of registering with this site, knowing full well you may never look at this thread again, just to tell you that you’re a moron and also kind of a huge douche.

    Maybe if you spent more time interacting with people in the real world and less time online searching for excuses to completely bash people on the internet, you wouldnt be *ahem* holding your “stubby” alone in your mom’s basement.

    To use your own eloquent words: “Fuck you, Fuck off and buy a fucking life.” You failed so hard at this post it hurt.

    Also, thanks Dawn of the Dan for totally winning.

  8. Stubbyholder—-we are all aware the kettle is black. Sit down.

  9. This is fake.

  10. BeboStunnah2kai12

    …… Not the moms basement.

  11. Correct. Not the moms basement.

  12. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Thank you for the affirmation.

  13. You are welcome.

  14. Ha, stubbyholder, that rant was fucking funny. Wingcap = Carlton perhaps?

    Lawrence, you *successfully* watched those movies? Was there a chance you would be unsuccessful? Do you have trouble figuring out which way up the dvd is meant to go?

  15. I think I just entered the high school boys locker room by mistake.

  16. i just fucking stoked that my unique form of tunnel vision has saved me yet again.
    i didn’t even fucking know about that starwars day bullshit until this morning. which is the 5th.
    i’d call that a flawless victory.

    i wonder what nerdy rubbish i can ignore next?

  17. *i’m.
    i’m just fucking stoked

  18. escapedlunatic

    “In year 8?” What are you, Gandalf? Just say ‘when I was 8’

    Also the third one is clearly screenshotted from the movie, wtf is stubby blathering about?

  19. @escapedlunatic

    In England we have ‘years’ in school, not ‘grades’. Year 8 would put them at 12/13 years old.

  20. I think stubby just got the ‘red mist’ up at yet another sad twat with a starwars fetish.
    I find it completely understandable and I’ve forgiven him.
    I’m not usually a particularly forgiving person, either.

  21. ^you’ve forgiven him? what have you been drinking?

  22. communion wine

  23. Ah, that shit will fuck you up.

  24. hope you remembered to have some of your special patented alcohol remedy, msanne!
    oh that’s right, it’s shit, so it won’t make any difference. not to worry.

  25. ^fuck off, idiot.

  26. aw hi msanne! 🙂

  27. you will never replace crustylovelips in my spleen. Never.

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