Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh Balls

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  1. Anders Breivik

    First, Fake.

  2. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    ^ You are not Anders, you are the T1000 impersonating Anders.

  3. stole a good joke from Impractical Jokers

  4. Anders Breivik

    I am Anders but we are all faking it….

  5. I was saying hot as balls since I was a toddler, and sometimes its totally accurate. Fuck Tim.

  6. Such class choosing Breivik as a a nick.

  7. ^ Yes, because very other nick on this site abounds in decency and tact.

  8. Do I detect a note of hostility between Zac and Tim? That relationship seems to have ended badly.
    BTW: temperature of your bollocks is only a couple of degrees or so lower than body temperature, so Tim is not far wrong.

  9. cravenmoorehed

    Why can you never fully dry your ballsack after you get out of the shower?

  10. This isn’t funny lame, it’s just lame.

  11. Since we’re talking balls here, I don’t really like having mine sucked. Stay focused!

  12. christopherlovet

    The expression isn’t “hot as human balls,” so Tim’s argument is invalid.

  13. Ah. Anders was fun, for a while. This is fake.

  14. Did someone say Anders?

  15. Incorrect. You are dead.

  16. Zachary seems like a really nice person.

  17. i have a flamethrower here that says that tim AND zac’s testicles could both reach 1200 C.
    and i am quite confident that none of their disgusting sperms will survive.

  18. Let’s not neglect the real issue here: what kind of weaklings complain about 85*(I’m assuming Fahrenheit) temperatures?

  19. haven’t been here in a while. tediously and grudgingly I went through the first few pages. got to 5th page still no funny. decided to hit random on the off chance it would take me to some hilarious post I may have missed whilst MIA. found this, a post I read on the first page. FML.

  20. ^try getting really fucked up, then reading it.
    shit improves.

  21. I’m with you, Jessi. Who complains about 85 degrees?

  22. slicingupeyeballs

    So 85 degrees is what, around 29.4 degrees in a proper scale…?
    Quite a pleasant temp I would have thought.

    And I’m not sure about sperm not surviving at body temp. Every sheila I’ve fingered has been pretty bloody warm up there, and bitches keep gettin’ pregnant…

  23. always really fucked up Ms, well except for tonight and tomorrow night. random drug test for work on wednesday you see. so only having 3 cones instead of the usual 10…

  24. Testicles. That is all.

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