Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not so Shore

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I would pay to read that paper too … not 10 bucks though.

  2. Ha!

  3. Now THIS one is FUNNY!!!!

  4. Meh….

  5. Now THAT is great! Well done lamebook, well done Glen.

    If anyone reading this gets their hands on the original paper PLEASE PLEASE share it with us. I must read that paper.

  6. Pauly Shore does blow. Goat milk. All over. It’s not pretty. He makes Kenny Rogers look clean.

    On another note, there’s nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning!

  7. Fanfuckingtastic! I thought LB was going downhill a while ago and I am quite pleased to come back to this!

    And agreed, Miss Shegas… If anyone gets that paper, it MUST be shared.

  8. This is so great! Thank you Lamebook.

  9. You didn’t have to think it was going downhill, it did, but they’ve been saving this beaut for their comeback. Now, how do you possibly top this LB? Probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  10. In the army now was hilarious!

    Pauly Shore himself is a douche but that movie was funny.

  11. LIKE

  12. For $10 I’d write two pages of a paper on the ethnic and patriarchal issues involved in In the Army Now.

  13. “We were supposed to do our thesis on 12 Angry Men?? Damn, I netflix’d Jury Duty instead!”

    Now someone else come up with another one.

  14. We were supposed to do a report on “Of Mice and Men”? I rented “An American Tail: Fievel Goes West”.

  15. I agree nuff, this post was a wild card. I’ll speak (type) prematurely and say nothing is going to top this, this week!

  16. @14 Win. Right there.

  17. Schindlers List? Fuck, I rented Bucket List. My bad.

  18. An American in Paris?? Dammit, I rented National Lampoon’s European Vacation. FML.

  19. Hahaha that was actually kinda funny!! I wanna see what Steve wrote too.

    And these comments are a riot on top of it. *Thumbs up*

  20. Awesome post! Agree with everyone else. This kind of shit should show up on LB more.

    American Beauty? WTF Do you mean? I saw American Pie!!!

  21. What – they both have “now” in the title, it’s not close enough?

    “Lawrence of Arabia? Well hell, I rented Legionnaire…”

    and good to see ya Katy

  22. Supersize Me? Uhhhhh… I just wrote two pages on Superbad.

  23. jungle fever? i did mine on the jungle book!

    and i do think in the army now is a funny movie, steve needs to learn to laugh at himself & pauly shore.

  24. I liked In the Army Now, too.

  25. Obviously fake. How could anyone not think IN THE ARMY NOW is funny?

  26. My humor meter must be broken.

    I thought this was one of the worst submissions lately. I didn’t laugh, smirk, or crack a smile. I just thought, idiot.

    I am surprised that everyone is just absolutely over the top about this one.

    The teacher must have had two different options for movies to pick. Why would he just randomly guess, In the Army Now? This is unfunny!

  27. oh dear Wuthering Heights you say?

    I critiqued Frigid Corpse Whores 8: The Revenge of Riga Mortis

    No, no, it wasn’t accident….why?

  28. I had to come back and re-read this submission after having read WTFight.

    Apocalypse Now, In the Army Now, both war movies, both say Now at the end, may sound similar to an idiot who doesn’t remember what movie it was precisely and grabbed the first one he saw? You may need to change your perspective. Bit MsBuzz and enjoy the moment. It gives you this warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

  29. I’unno lmamofo, I think they could have been a bit more animated personally. I dig zombie chicks. Scene 3 was pretty fucking awesome though.

  30. I gotta agree with MsBuzz: This post doesn’t tickle my funnybone (it’s not at all humerus). But I love the comments game — some real winners here!

  31. We were supposed to do a report on “Lord of the Flies?” Fuck, I rented “Fly Me to the Moon…FML.”

  32. @jdub (18)

    the obvious mix up there would be “a night in paris” tbh 😉

  33. We were supposed to rent Dallas? But I rented Debbie Does Dallas!

  34. best one i’ve seen in at least a week and a half. the “$ 10” rolled me. gotta admire Steve’s (or Glen’s) entrepreneurial spirit.

  35. I was supposed to rent “The Phantom of the Opera?” oops…i got “Repo: The Genetic Rock Opera.”

  36. Way to live up to your name, MsBuzzKillington.

  37. We were supposed to rent One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest? Fuck me, I rented The Love Nest!

  38. Holy shit LMAO #13 and 14

  39. actually lol @ all of these comments!

    I have to rant for a second though… I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS “FML” thing… Seriously on my FB account I see that shit every day! Ex. Nicki: “doing laundry FML”

    Jon: “FML man I just did a report on From Justin to Kelly instead of Chicago..”

    SERIOUSLY?!? Fuck YOUR Life because you are doing laundry??? Seriously? NO ONE WHO ACTUALLY USES THE “FML” TERM HAS A REAL REASON FOR IT. Gr

    The End.

  40. @Valenya

    I had to read your comment and had a minor, every day inconvenience! FML!


  42. LoL I agree Val!

    Beside the fact that I just learned what FML means about 2 weeks ago I see it everywhere now and it is over used!!!

  43. I have to get up and do something i dont really want to do but wont hurt me at all! FML!

  44. ‘The Elephant Man’? Fuck, I rented ‘Encino Man’!

  45. Hahahahaha I LOL’d with jdub #18 but combat #32 made it even better

  46. We were supposed to write a paper on Cinderella Man?! Damn, I rented Pinocchio.


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