Thursday, October 28, 2010

Solid Wins

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  1. Time travel O.o!!!

  2. That Snookie line is old as hell already and it’s not even Halloween yet. Get some new material, thanks.

  3. shayna stole that from TFLN

  4. I don’t get the time travel one. Can someone please help?

  5. Aaron use your temporal technological marvel to travel back through the mists of time once more!

    Land the magnificent moment moving machine slap bang on top of your rutting parents on the EXACT date of your conception.

    Then and only then will i be impressed, you unfunny cunt.

  6. Don’t get the time travelling one. How is it a win if no one gets it?

  7. Can someone explain to me when Lamebook became Texts From Last Night? The Snooki thing was just posted on TFLN yesterday. Be original people. You suck.

  8. *Traveled back 5 minutes*
    but still this post look lame :O

  9. Pseudonym and Crash, even when you get the time travel one, it’s not funny.
    It was unclear to me if Anna meant the girls caught larger fish or if she was refer to cocks.

  10. Shayna for the win.

  11. To those who don’t get the time travel one: Note the number of minutes on each post. Because they occur further back with each post rather than closer to the present – it gives the effect of time travel. Hardy har har.

    Lame – but kinda curious how it was accomplished. Wondering if her posted the messages in reverse on his page and Lamebook just moved them to this order…

  12. I am pretty sure he posted them so that the last message shown here was posted first. Thus he posts ‘It worked twice!’ then five minutes later ‘It worked!’ then five minutes later ‘Alright, time to try this shit!’
    Thus LB would not need to re-order the posts.
    And I shall stop pedantically explaining.

  13. @ 11 – Ahhhh, right. Lamebook normally re-orders posts so that they are read in order. This time they just left it as is. Silly me. I’ll go put on my helmet now and wait for the short bus…

  14. Shh be vewy vewy qwiet… I’m hunting t-wex.

  15. heheh elmer fudd

  16. Correct, he posted the third status first. I think the concept is actually pretty clever!

  17. It was cute. Worth a small chuckle in my book. The Snookie one too. It might be old to you, but it was new to me.

  18. 1. Tee-hee worthy

    2. Meh…pretty lame. A little clever, yes, but a little late as well? *shrug*


    LOL @ Comments and Mofo

  19. the first one was stupid. matt’s a prick.

  20. I always like jokes about time travel so…this one gets a “Like” from me.

    If anyone likes this kind of jokes, we could organizate a meeting of time travelers fans. Let’s meet last week.

  21. They should have kept the fish, but thrown Matt back in.
    Aaron and Shayna made me laugh (I also had not heard the Snookie joke before)

  22. By the way, that TFLN one only appeared on TFLN what, 1 day ago? So unless someone saw it and put it on FB and then it was submitted and approved all in 1 day, I suspect they may be unrelated. I imagine the statement is becoming a bit of a meme.

  23. Haha, I’m Matt from the first one, stoked it made it to lamebook, Shinsplints and silentobserver can chew on my butthair 🙂

  24. Matt, I like your style. Wish I had those sort of goldmines present themselves to me!

  25. @mad (#21) – It’s a word-for-word copy. I doubt they’re unrelated.

  26. #1 I swear that’s Boomhauer..
    #2 Mehz
    #3 I would say this should be Hobo ranted, but Snooki being hit =/= Rhianna being hit.

  27. I see that I’m in the minority on this, but I got a kick out of the time travel one. Well played.

  28. I agree with un1k3n, I was a little fascinated. It’s creative!

  29. I really don’t get the first one.

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