Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not So Super Power

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  1. I like Chris he’s a glass half full kind of guy. He’s also a lungs half full kind of guy too..

  2. So then does someone with Tourette’s have a super power, too?

  3. That’s dumb.
    That’s like saying your diabetes is a superpower because you can create super-sugary blood. Or your brain tumor is cool because it’s like you have the power to summon extra tissue out of thin air.

  4. @beatusmongous


  5. Fake, there was no radioactive animal biting involved.

  6. scanned it, saw eleventy billion exclamation marks, rightly concluded the author is retarded and that this bullshit isn’t worth my time.

  7. ^You’re my superhero. With the power to make total strangers so angry they literally shit themselves.


  8. people make themselves angry.
    I just give them permission.

  9. @6 Next time simply write SISEBEMRCTAIRATTBIWMT;dr.

  10. @7 Careful, or we’ll have to start calling you Igor.

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