Tuesday, October 2, 2012


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  1. And you thought NOTHING could outlast Energizer batteries…

  2. That’s a pretty great price for a girlfriend, even at regular.

  3. that’s just the up-front fee. that’s how they reel all the idiots in.

  4. How lonely do you need to be to write facebook messages to a shopping centre?

  5. 50 Cent apparently has a thing for chicks named Clearance

  6. 50 cents for a black bitch is a fucking rip off! Even if she cooks, cleans, titty fucks, and does whatever else you want, the most I’d pay is around 13 cents.

  7. ^sorry, adults only. so fuck off, twerp.

  8. you’d pay 13 cents for ‘a black bitch’? oh I get it.. you’re one of those racists that has a thing for dark chocolate?
    kind of like the gay bashers that when caught nut deep in some other guys arse proclaim ‘I’m not gay, I just fuck a bloke who is’

    I do love the way you hid your priorities in your sexism though
    1. cooks
    2. cleans
    3. titty fucks
    4. anything else
    Your mum taught you well

  9. Good to see the loving, non-racist, non-argue-about-stupid-shit-95%-of-the-time Lamebook community getting all twisted over the value of a black woman. Now we all know that both MsAnneThrope and Berkely Hunt are “African American” politicians who prefer only the politically correct.

  10. who gives a fuck what you think, dickhead?
    you’re a moaning bitch with zero redeeming qualities.
    well, except the fact that you’ll be dead soon. that is really the only thing that makes you bearable.

  11. Yeah Randy… at least you..uh.. all…know that…

    So, that puts us on an even keel. You know I’m a ‘African American
    politician that prefers only the politically correct’ and I know that you’re a dog blower whose only real struggle in life is that you just can’t figure out if you can fit your finger deeper in your arse or in your nose.. I mean you know you can get them both past the knuckle but there really is no easy way to measure once the knuckle is in is there?

    It makes me laugh when racists/sexists roll out the term ‘political correctness’ as a negative as if that might distract from the fact that they say stupid shit online because they don’t have the brass to do it anywhere else. So cheers for the laugh fuck knuckle

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