Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brock Obama Approves This Message…

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  1. And these are his voters

  2. These fools represent the majority of America.

  3. ^ My point exactly.

  4. Whatever, these people probably aren’t voting. Why would you make the effort to vote if you don’t even know the President’s name by now?
    I think the real idiots are all the people in the south who rely on government assistance for their survival but are going to be voting for Mitt Romney in November.

  5. I say vote for no one. They’re all a bunch of liars & crooks in some way. No one would be a better president than either of these 2 jokers.

  6. Vote for me. I’ll run. At least I admit to being an asshole.

  7. Not true, destructor. Gary Johnson all the way.

  8. ^these are the fucking mopes who complain about everyone in their country being stupid, yet can’t see their own glaring idiocy.

    these poor stupid cunts are so invested in the kool-aid of their rapidly-destructing culture that they just swallowed the line ‘you will waste your vote if you vote 3rd party’ without even fucking thinking about what any of it means.

  9. These kids are probably British. Case in point: Americans think they are the only ones who exist.

  10. GRose – there are at least 2 commenters on this thread who are from neither America or Britain. Hint: one of them is me.

    It was assumed they were American because they are politically ignorant. Also because that girl appears to have a perforated septum.

  11. I don’t give a fuck where anyone comes from, rosebud, stupid knows no nationality.

  12. Only an American would think “Brock” was a legitimate first name.

  13. ^My aunt’s ex-lodger, Brock Coley begs to differ.

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