Friday, July 19, 2013

Not the Sharpest Tools

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  1. Don’t worry about Bambi’s mother Drew. I’m taking care of her in my freezer right now, while Bambi’s Dad watches from the wall

  2. I’m curious to know where Drew thinks the meat at walmart comes from.

  3. Sarah’s photo was shopped.

    13:69. Yeah, baby.

    No animals were harmed during the making of Drew’s post, but many animals will be forever disturbed after reading it.

    I mean, seriously, who the hell buys WalMart meat? It’s the worst.

  4. I’m pretty confident you could find Dew in one of the “People of Walmart” photos.

  5. I know it’s a stretch, but I’m gonna have some faith in Drew, and imagine that he was suggesting that we hunt people of Walmart (as in those featured on the website), instead of other animals.

  6. ^I prefer a more lean cut of meat. Might be able to get a decent foi gras out of them though.

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  8. Hell of a zoom lens on the first photo.

    Also, Nancy is the wurst.

  9. #1 looks like a frape.

    #2 is an idiot.

    #3 is drunk.


  10. Ironic that Drew has it backwards. Hunting is far more humane to animals. They get to live in the wild until in a split second(if you’re a good enough shot)they’re dead.

  11. Leaning tower of Berlin

  12. I hate reading Army stuff too… Take this excerpt from a recently leaked Wikileaks US Army memo.

    29:99 – Bombed some Brits. In our defence we thought they were muslims.

    33:86 – Bottom raped and degraded some Allah lovers in a torture prison that we liberated and turned into a torture prison. Fun Times.

    69:69 – Totally destroyed a primary school that was being used as an emergency medical center. In our defence everybody in it was muslamic.

  13. The majority of meat in Wal Mart is cut in such a way that you can’t see the marks where the jockey was beating it.

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