Thursday, July 18, 2013


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  1. My God, that error is everywhere!

  2. #dumbass

  3. I think technically, London is now considered Australian territory.

  4. I’m sure England can’t wait to bid her a good riddance.

  5. #wat

  6. Nice how Lamebook blurred out the commenter’s mention of London, since they probably thought it was his/her last name: weknowmemes.c om/2013/07/bye-england-hello-london/

  7. Thick cow. I can’t wait till I get to visit America, and then leave “‘Murica” to visit New York. Some fucking people.

  8. ^ I think you mean, “fucking some people.”

  9. “sum peeple r dum” – butthead

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  11. “Welcome to the Islamic Republic of London”

    Please put on your Burka.

  12. Eurgh What’s that got to do with anything you stupid brainwashed cunt!?

    “Welcome to a disaffected small minded youth being exploited by callous racists”

    Please shave your head and think of yourself as patriotic, when you’re actually being an easily swayed, knuckle dragging fuck wit.

  13. That’s not the stupid whore from the last entry who photographed the Eiffel Tower from the London suburb of Paris, is it?

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