Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Now You Know…

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  1. What?

  2. What did Lamebook do, fire the only wanker they had and replace him with another wanker that has no clue what has been posted before?

  3. Isn’t this another necro-repost?

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  5. Victoria. I see what you mean… Curtis`s report is neat, last tuesday I got a great new Citroën 2CV after making $8057 this-last/month and-in excess of, ten-grand last munth. this is definitely the most-financially rewarding I have ever had. I started this 7-months ago and right away made over $71 p/h. I follow the instructions here,-=-=-=- BIT40.cøm -=-=-=-

  6. Curtis is a wanker.

  7. Is the OP a girl or a boy? I’m confused by the “slip fingers in” “take a whiff” comment.

  8. ROOMMATE, stupid British.

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