Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nuclear Stupidity

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  1. i agree with Andrea 🙂

  2. I don’t think Korea would want to do that, Andrea. Fuckin’ bimbo.

  3. Posts like this give me hope that there are still girls who would bang me if I told them by doing it the world would be saved. A boy can dream…….

  4. Nucler bombs is huge!

  5. Hawaii? Very good, thanks. And you?

    Take California.

  6. My guess is that Andrea’s only knowledge of geography comes from a US map placemat she had as a kid, and that Hawaii was in an inset box in the lower left-hand corner, right by California.

  7. I think I’ll go and cry at the level of stupidity displayed there ._.

  8. I don’t care if Mary and Andrea are both slitty eyed gooks, they can throat my cock any day of the week. I’d fuck Mary’s shaved pussy while tonguing Andrea’s virgin asshole before giving both a cock sandwich.

  9. She’s not totally wrong. A nuclear bomb hitting Hawaii could affect California. I’m not sure anyone other than Andrea would really care though. Also, Elsior, does your mom know you are on her computer?


  11. hey Elsior, i’m from South Korea, I assure you that women in our part of the world don’t shave between their legs. In fact, a girl’s pubic hair is consider a sign of her womanhood. You might be obsessed with American style clean shave but your little fantasy is nothing more than a fairytail. Same is true in parts of Europe actually, only British and American boys obsessed with women look like little girl.

  12. Your mom doesn’t usually get the big hahahas until she brings out the donkey so it’s nice of you boost her self esteem.

  13. Hey Daniel Wang-Ping-Pong, I think you’re a fucking moron. You think shaved genitals are exclusively American/british? Do your homework faggot.

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