Thursday, April 4, 2013

Terminal Timeline

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  1. I wish dat bitch wud trip ovr a chair n dye.

  2. i loled like a spiderman 😮

  3. Wow…the mark of a true writer. -_-

  4. i dont get it

  5. Given the bitch died by tripping over a chair, the dude probably saved himself a lot of headache. If that killed her, likely a hard night of sex or one of a thousand other things would have killed her eventually so he’s just dealt with the inevitable. Saves him having to wait 5ever for her to die.

  6. What are we supposed to do in response to this story? The poster forgot to add the “Lik if U cry evry time” part

  7. oh wow. first time I read this.

  8. ^ It won’t be the last if you plan on hanging around here for longer than a month.

  9. I wish I could read the comments on that post

  10. ^^^^demarke, I do cry everytime.
    *flashback moment. I am sitting on the floor, next to my chesterfield*
    “The grammar! It was innocent! It shouldn’t have been murdered like that!”
    *end of flashback moment*

  11. How many times are you going to post this?

  12. #6 It’s “like if u crey evry tiem” get it right.

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