Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh Baby…

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  1. AnonymousBastard

    The first one is from TLFN, right? I know I read it somewhere before.

  2. Ahhh, it was SO hard to read that last one.

  3. AnonymousBastard

    er, TFLN.

  4. I’m sure Lisha’s child will be well spoken just like Mommy. I’ve seen the first one too somewhere, I wanna say failbook? It’s still funny though.

  5. Andrew should could himself lucky.

    My friends keep putting “fake” dead hookers in my car.

  6. “false alarm” hahaha

  7. WTF was that last one supposed to say??? If she’s the mom, she’s better off gettin rid of the baby…it’s the only hope it has.

  8. Lisha, go and rescue Delaura’s baby too…..before she starts to smell like sausages and ends up as Sunday lunch.

  9. weep for our future with lisha and josh popping kids out like nothing

  10. Does anyone else see somebody pulling their fucking SKIN off in the adverts? 😐

    On the actual topicsss, who the hell says to their friend ‘get rid of the baby or else’? Actually, I don’t want to get into it, that’s not a thing to be funny about.

    I’m sure Josh’s current kid(s) will be very happy to see his ‘jeez, ANOTHER freaking kid? *eyeroll*’ attitude wheen they grow up. I just hope for his/her/their sake that their dad isn’t as annoying as his good friend Angie.

  11. I get really annoyed when people rip off TFLN in their status updates.

  12. yeah hobo it freaked me out too.

    and the first one is hilarious. i think i’m gonna have to try that sometime…

  13. @Angie-Your ass can too get preggers. Where do you think lawyers come from?

  14. I think Angie would’ve been funnier if she had only said one of those dick-in-a-girl jokes. Casey was hilarious though, seemed like he was congratulating Angie for being aware of proper condom use…XD

  15. Dear Delaura’s friends: two words — class-action lawsuit.

    And I know we’ve seen a lot worse… but it still makes me sad that people like Lisha actually reproduce. And that kids actually have parents like her…

  16. I'm Canadian Also

    I like how Delaura spelled IHOP iHop, like it was some sort of apple product.

  17. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    eh… these were just sad…

  18. I really want to go to an IHOP. Is it actually any good?

  19. Ahahaha, but I know how Delaura feels.
    My 2 week old just LOVES to wait until after I’ve wiped her off to poop again. I swear, they freaking PLAN those times., no, it does not smell like movie popcorn.

  20. #BritishHobo: I love IHOP.
    Our local as three of the hottest young waitresses, I’m sayin’ Smokin’. Fosho, their milkshakes bring the old men to IHOP.
    They also have butter pecan syrup and country fried steak.
    I figure as long as those three are workin at IHOP and I keep eating the food it will kill me. One way or the other.

  21. Actually, after 3 children I can absolutly agree with Delaura. It DOES smell like popcorn! I thought I was nuts (although I still may be)`

  22. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Delaura = De-gross.

  23. @BritishHobo: Do not chance the IHOP. It’s too late now.

    Unless you were raised on that (albeit delicious) poison, and introduced it slowly into your system over time like you were the Dread Pirate Roberts, it could kill you.

  24. I’m so embarassed to have the same name as the last douchebaguette…urgh!

  25. lol

  26. “lol”

  27. I just wanted to say… Miss Shegas, you win. That made my day! Just don’t leave “iHop” open at night or it may be succumbed by RUS’s.

  28. I’ll stick with Ryan’s, which is God’s gift to ignorant British tourists who don’t want to try anything different. Man that place is amazing.

  29. @ BritishHobo; Ryan’s is “Old Country Buffett” where in my neck of the woods. Rigth down to the WHADJA GET slogan.

  30. I think the “movie theater popcorn” post was on STFU, Parents ( I know I’ve seen it somewhere before, and I don’t read TFLN. It if wasn’t that post in particular, it was one similar, which is scary, because that means more than person in the world thinks that their child’s poop smells like popcorn. Ugh.

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