Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Behave





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  1. Cap,n Bruce for State Assembly!!!!… oh wait! He once got drunk and told everyone on Facebook. No, on second thought. He’s probably a commie pinko!!

  2. I fcuking hate all those facebook apps!

  3. Ahaha, unlucky Miles!

  4. These are all so clearly fake. Noone ever states their relation in a post.

  5. gutted miles, but i do reckon thats real, my mum has said stuff like that to me before…

  6. Well Brian, imagine what your kid’s report cards are like if he’s dumb enough to post that gem on facebook.

    Jacob, good for you for being average!

  7. Well I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty glad I don’t have a “third person mommy”. Bucky might jump off a building if Bucky did.

  8. There are privacy options for a REASON! Don’t let your parents see your updates.

  9. I come a little everytime I see a profil with a pirate speak 🙂

  10. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    If I was Terri, I wouldn’t be proud that by 18 year old daughter can wash her clothes and feed herself, I’d just expect it.

    And if I was Sue Ann, I wouldn’t be proud that my son had chosen to publish a quiz that proved he only had an ‘average’ cock. I would be proud if my son had a fucking enormous schlong and crowed about that. Obviously.

  11. gotta love the grandma with the pirate translation thingy on

  12. No wonder Miles isn’t doing well in school. Anyone stupid enough to post what he did on Facebook has to be beyond help.

  13. Protip: Posting about “getting rid of the evidence” is, itself, evidence. Although I can’t wait until a post about disposing of a body winds up here.

  14. I love Pirate English on Facebook!

  15. @ Brandi T, you are most certainly a great daughter and even better student! I would do you very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  16. how do u get pirate english on there..thats great!

  17. Phelpsi , you just go to the language section at the bottom and change it to English Pirate ,it’s loads of fun 🙂 Arrrrrrrrrrr !

  18. Wtf, whether or not my parents/grandparents/other responsible adults will see it is the first thing I think about when posting anything. Every single one of these people is clearly retarded

  19. jesus, didn’t granny ever get pissed?

  20. (and for any americans who aren’t familiar with british slang, pissed=drunk) =)

  21. Everyone knows that if you take aquiz and your result is that you have an average cock, you don’t publish it. You take the fucking quiz again and again until your cock is bigger.

    Ummm…or that’s what I heard you do, anyway.

  22. I took the quiz and I got 9 inches, which is GREAT… for a lady.

  23. @Anitalaff I don’t want to judge, but I don’t think you should be taking Facebook quizzes while you’re “getting 9 inches”. Try and live in the moment a little more next time.

  24. LMFAO @ Miles!

    @ Finally: Pissed is slang for drunk here in Australia too.

    I had a friend take that quiz. She got 12 inches! I am really jealous of her, and also keep my back to a wall at all times!

  25. Miles, that one bit you in the arse, never, EVER add parents on Facebook

  26. Offering Anita 7″ – it’s not as great, but it is real . . . 😉

    Sensible Madness FTW!

  27. Lord, kids.

  28. Thesaurapist.. how will that be served up?

    @23 Madness. You’re right. Facebook quizzes are for moments of ultimate boredom, such as those induced by anything under 9 inches.

  29. Anita, the way my luck has been going lately, most probably sauteed on a bed of wild rice, and drizzled with sweet chilli and lime . . .

  30. I don’t get bored by 7″ … After all, it’s not the size of the worm, but how you work it… 🙂

  31. I love Terri’s (assumed) sarcasm towards Brandi’s status. LMFAO!!!

    An old friend of mine was a tripod. Seriously this guy had a baby’s arm as his wang. Anywho to cut a long story short, a chick told me (she was cold and blunt about this. almost regretful that she did him) my mate was the worst she had ever had.

  32. Huge wangs make me hurt. I’d prefer a little one any day.

  33. i dont see why Brandi’s post was even in here it sucked, bruces mom is stupid, and what miles dad said was hilarious :p

  34. I doubt Bruce would go into public office. Even then, I personally don’t care if they partied it up in his college years, as long as they grow up and mature a little. But thats just me.

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