Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh Mandela

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  1. The last one is a joke, of course.

  2. The Goose is loose! (referring to the last one)

  3. FIRST!!!….comment not from a douche bag! ALL HAIL STEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR!

    I cant believe what I am doing tomorrow…… going to the recently bankrupt murder capital of ‘Murica! Detriot what?
    Going to chill with my homies

  5. The first is obviously a joke as well, along the lines of the picture of Oprah Winfrey captioned, “RIP Whitney Houston: Wife of Obama.”

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  7. These stupid Canadian’s getting Freeman and Mandela mixed up, your people Steeever.

  8. Sorry gavemoorehed…only an American could be that dumb lol

  9. The Beast Among Us

    In the words of Chris Tucker: “All y’all look alike!”

  10. Shush now Johnny, Canadians must only speak when spoken to. Sorry about feeling like the 51st State.

  11. lol’d

  12. If you keep making bad memes about Morgan Freeman, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

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  15. I’m a little confused that a Canadian would use the word American in a derogatory way. The USA is in N.America. Canada is in N. America. Ergo, you are all American. As are people from Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua etc.

  16. Why for no trolls did this with Paul Walker?

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  18. Because Americans are fuck’n retards Sidkid. Gavemoorehed proves it by assuming that I’m Canadian and referring to Canada as the 51st state. He must have failed history. The US tried to invade Canada in the War of 1812 and failed. Not only did they fail, they were pushed back into that shithole they call home and the Canadians burned Washington DC lol. Nothing like big brother getting your ass kicked by your little sister huh? “Murica” is nothing more than Canada’s underwear. Look at a map. True story

  19. The Beast Among Us

    You put your underwear right under your hat, and you call US retarded?

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