Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some People…

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  1. I wish my fb friends were this classy.

  2. If you abort one of your twins it’s your own fault if StupidDanish dude rapes you a second time.

  3. As Jeffery said, if you make 9985 dollars in a month just working part time online you could afford a fucking nanny to raise half your set of twins and avoid a half-abortion.

  4. Reserving fourth comment slot for Steeever and his groupies.

  5. Reserving slot number 5 for Katnis to say something completely anal and boring but with a nice colourful curse word so she looks ‘cool’.

  6. Slot number 6 is for all the oldtimers wondering what happened to the great comment section of Lamebook. RIP lamebook. Gnight!

  7. I’m pro-choice, but this is still incredibly fucked up.

  8. I did not say that, gubenooj!

  9. what Debbie explained I am shocked that a mom can get paid $9355 in 4 weeks on the internet. go right here……

  10. totally agree Sandra!

  11. Cameron, the way you spelled “anti-life” made it look like “pro-choice.” Weird.

  12. I hope someone tells her how and she aborts both. I am mostly pro-life but this bitch shouldn’t have any kids.

  13. what Debbie explained I am shocked that a mom can get paid $9355 in 4 weeks on the internet. go right here……..

  14. I just wanna fluckin slap some people

  15. She needs to abort herself.

  16. 20 bucks says she’s a teenager…and a fucking stupid one at that. I can’t have kids and cannot for the life of me understand why God gives kids to blithering morons!!! And I know we could adopt, and I’m sure we will one day. But it’s much different than actually producing your very own child. Damn it. Sigh.

  17. The Beast Among Us

    I don’t know which is worse, the post itself, or the seven idiots that clicked the like button.

  18. steeeever that son of a gun

    Um… Pretty sure you should saving first spot for Steeeever…. But good try! You’ll get there!

  19. I think it’s a fair request – why one would want a daughter, I can’t understand.
    Unless you got a sound-proof basement with a heavy armed door, of course.

    If you let your daughter wander around without your eyes on her all the time, it’s your own fault if she gets raped.

  20. This is fucking ridiculous!

    Any worthwhile human being would know to just give birth to both and then sell the unwanted sprog to some Indian surgeon to harvest for replacement body organs. Bang! Profit made.

    Also @16 Mel – God doesn’t give kids to anybody.. Spunk does.

  21. lmamofo get my fucking point. smartass.

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  23. Mom of the year, right here, folks.

  24. Cheryl implied I am surprised that a mother able to profit $4620 in 1 month on the computer. pop over to this website>>> F­­B­3­9­.­ℭ­O­­Ⅿ

  25. Just go fishing with a coathanger. 50/50 chance.

  26. the best part of her ran down her mamas leg!!!

  27. my best friend’s aunt makes 80 dollar an hour on the computer. She has been out of a job for 6 months but last month her income was 14926 dollar just working on the computer for a few hours. look at these guys.. …….


  28. BorderlineDane

    adopt the babies to a couple who actually cares.. you are too stupid to be a mom
    what will you do when they start with crayons?? eat the crayons you don´t like?

  29. Get the boy making 80 dollars an hour on the computer, that way he will soon make a small fortune and be able to afford to buy a fairytale castle for him and his sister with servants to indulge their every whim. And their mother can go back to selling her skanky arse for weed.

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