Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Sheet!

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  1. dark Jizz stains? WTF? Looks more like skid marks to me.

  2. stom – Are you retarded? Even if it was water on that bed, it would still turn out dark, because it’s wet.

  3. This guy’s mum thinks these count as ‘good sheets’?! Is she living in Kansas in the 1860s??

    Also, those wet patches are too far apart. The one on the right is a patch, fair play, but the one at the top is what I would euphemistically describe as ‘muff-seepage’. You know what I’m saying.

  4. Taylor is about a week away from the Herp-a-derp if she follow’s her retart mother’s advice.

  5. @~fealkj thank you for you explanation. To answer your question, I have a Substance-induced psychotic disorder, I am violent, am German and now obsessed by you. Kisses Stoma

  6. They sell mattresses at Target?

    Also, I don’t think that’s the sheet, AlanDente. I think that’s the mattress pad thing you put under your fitted sheet.

  7. Either way I don’t see what the big deal is. Just wash the damn thing. Cum does come out.

  8. Taylor, you’re pathetic. Get over yourself and join the real world. Jizz stains and all.

  9. Oohh wait a minute. You’re supposed to throw out your sheets every time you have cum stains on them? Oh dear.

  10. @ dtronol Never post again, you sound pathetically stupid. Also please acquaint yourself with spell check

  11. @6… so the repeated use of the word sheet in the post is because they’re talking about some kind of mattress protector??

    America is SO confusing.

  12. @ 9 – Shows what you know, Curly! According to Taylor here you’re supposed to throw out your whole damned life! She’s getting a new bed protector thing, new sheets, a new bed frame and a new mattress!
    I can’t wait for this mysterious cum-depositor to break back into her room and jizz on the carpet. She’ll have to throw her entire house in the garbage and move.

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