Thursday, February 24, 2011

Double Trouble

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  1. how hard can it be to censor rebecca lo’s name

  2. Is Jasmine rhyming on purpose? I’m having trouble believing in her broken heart when she’s deliberately trying to make crappy song lyrics out of her status.

  3. That second one’s not funny at all. It’s just sad and unfortunate.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    These santorum sucking fuckwits need to learn how to keep their private shit private.

  5. Tiff sounds hot, love to see her in private.

  6. That sucks.

  7. wow, that’s two in a row that had uncensored names. lololol.


  9. Gary’s question mark is funny.

  10. Dear Gary,

    Things have just got worse. Your Uncle Alan has been fucking your Dad up the arse with your slutty Mums’ 12″ strap on.

    Uncle Alan x

  11. Jasmine disgusts me. Rhyming “with” with “Tiff?!” Stupid whore!

  12. I miss lamebook for a day and look what happens, the same old fucking shit. As you were.

  13. Paranoid If you fell it’s all getting a bit samey, just put on a rubber glove and switch to a left handed wank grip whilst reading?.. If you need any more handy tips and advice just holler!

  14. Throw in some sandpaper and it might just work, thanks mofo.

  15. No probs that’s what I’m here for….well that and rape…and sexual assault… and granny buggery… but apart from that I’m all about the advice….and bestiality related incest.

  16. Jasmine rhymes were lost on me… Whiney little b*

    All this talk is making me hungry

  17. wandr I could whip you up a quick protein heavy ‘milk’shake if you want?

  18. Mofo, you’re the most thoughtful man I ever met. I could just eat you up
    But I fear the way you shoot it all over the place all the time, it may not be as rich as I expect
    I mean, it’s 9 am, here, and breakfast is the most important meal

  19. It’s true I do have a terrible record when it comes to squirting it all in the mouth. I’m an awful shot, it’s like trying to piss with a hard on, I can see the hole i want to get it in but i’m still going to end up soaking most of the room if I’m honest. Nothing wrong with the fat content though my sperm factories work on overtime.

    So anyway you’re right, breakfast is important…maybe we should save it for brunch.

  20. Gary, are you trying to tell us that she was sucking you before? Jealous bitch, you are.

  21. These are sad. lame, but sad. And a little repulsive

  22. why would uncle Alan need a strap on ???

  23. @ ruty
    Maybe it’s not incest if it’s not Uncle Alan’s actual dick?
    Maybe Uncle Alan is impotent
    Maybe Uncle Alan was formerly Auntie Elaine?

  24. my brain hurts now…

  25. ahahahaha, wandr, you made me giggle :p

  26. is there a reason rebecca’s name isn’t blurred out?

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