Friday, June 17, 2016

Oh, Tim

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    Not the brightest star in the sky, are you, Tim?

  2. ^ Ah, but try to answer the question, eh! The sun is bigger, hotter, fiercer, etc than any ordinary fire. There is nothing you can say about fire that you can’t also about the sun, in the superlative! So what is it about this little bottle that can protect you from the sun but not from fire?

  3. It’s a loaded question. Sunscreen doesn’t protect you from the sun. Sunscreen helps protects from UV radiation that we are exposed to at this specific distance from the sun.

  4. He’s obviously not using it right. The bigger the bottle, the more protection, just put it between you and the source of fire.

    1: you need a big bottle to hide you from the rays from the “giant ball of nuclear fire in the sky”

    2: you need an increasingly bigger bottle the closer you get to the “giant ball of nuclear fire”

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